Cocktail Recipes

We love a good cocktail around here, no matter the occasion. Friday night after the kids go to bed? A classic Manhattan is just what you need. Something festive for this year's Christmas party? Go for Cranberry Apple Sangria. A cool sipper to serve poolside? Watermelon margaritas are a must. Whatever your need, we've got you covered!
Two Glasses of Fuzzy Naval with Orange Wheels Next to an Orange Slice
Fuzzy Navel
Two Glasses of Vesper Cocktail on a Silver Tray
Vesper Cocktail
A rocks glass with a Brazilian caipirinha inside.
Two Gold rush cocktails with ice on a wood background.
Gold Rush Cocktail
New York Sour Cocktail Next to Some Lemon Wedges
New York Sour Cocktail
Americano Cocktail
Americano Cocktail
Godfather Cocktail
Godfather Cocktail
Rusty Nail on a Granite Coaster Garnished with Lemon Peel
Rusty Nail
Toronto Cocktail Garnished with Lemon Zest
Toronto Cocktail
Vegan White Russian
Vegan White Russian
Rum Old Fashioned garnished with an orange peel
Rum Old Fashioned
White Negroni Garnished with a Lemon Peel
White Negroni
The White Lady Cocktail
The White Lady Cocktail
Black Manhattan with an Orange Peel
Black Manhattan
Gibson Cocktail with Pickled Onion Garnish
Gibson Cocktail
Glass of Gin and Tonic with Limes and a Straw, Surrounded by a Bottle of Gin, Cans of Tonic, and Lime Wedges
Gin and Tonic
Flutes of Peach Belini Cocktail
Peach Bellini Cocktails
Rob Roy in Cocktail Glass on Top of Granite Coaster
Rob Roy Cocktail
Michelada with Ingredients (Beer, Cholula, Lime Wedges, etc) in the Background
Lemon Drop Martini
Lemon Drop Martini
Glasses of Grapefruit Shandy Garnished with Mint and Grapefruit Wedge Surrounded by Grapefruit Wedges and Citrus Reamer
Grapefruit Shandy
Glasses of Frozen Beer Paloma with Lime Slices and Grapefruit Wedges
Frozen Beer Paloma
Sloe Gin Fizz in Glass with Ice and Lemon Slice on Tray. Bowl of Lemon Wedges in Background.
Sloe Gin Fizz
Amaretto Sour Garnished with Lemon Slice and Cherry
Amaretto Sour
Glass of Gin Fizz with Lemon Slice on Tray
Gin Fizz
Three Glasses of Frozen Mango Margarita with Plate of Mangos in Background
Mango Margarita
Mezcal Mule in Two Copper Mugs Surrounded by Ice and Limes. More Ingredients in the Background
Mezcal Mule
French Martini in a Glass Garnished with Raspberries on a Tray with a Bowl of Raspberries
French Martini
Spiced apple core simple syrup in swing top bottle
Spiced Apple Core Simple Syrup
Stone Fruit Pit Liqueur
Stone Fruit Pit Liqueur
Homemade Bloody Mary mix served in a tall glass.
Homemade Bloody Mary Mix
Frozen banana daiquiri
Frozen Banana Daiquiri
Spicy Angostura and whiskey cocktail garnished with a lemon peel.
Trinidad Sour
A flip top bottle of fresh raspberry liqueur with a stemmed glass and a bowl of raspberries next to it.
Raspberry Liqueur
Blackberry cosmopolitan cocktail in a tumbler garnished with blackberries and a lemon twist.
Blackberry Cosmopolitan
Side view of a Autumn-spiced cosmopolitan garnished with an orange wedge.
Spiced Cosmopolitan
Three glasses of spiced pear bourbon punch on a tray.
Pear Bourbon Punch
Raspberry Ranch water in two glasses and garnished with raspberries.
Raspberry Ranch Water
Homemade cherry pop cocktail with fresh cherries and lemon set next to it.
Cherry Pop Cocktail
Texas ranch water made with tequila cocktails.
Ranch Water
Frozen margarita in a blue rimmed glass with limes in front and another glass and linen behind it.
Pitcher Frozen Margaritas
A coupe glass filled with an Authentic Peruvian Pisco Sour.
Pisco Sour
Two Gin Cucumber Cocktails on a white tray with lemons and a cocktail shaker.
Gin Cocktail with Cucumber and Basil
Summer Moscow Mule with Strawberry closeup of strawberry moscow mule with basil garnish
Strawberry-Basil Moscow Mule
Mojito recipe made with mint, lime, and simple syrup
Mojito Cocktail
Honey, ginger, and lemon in Penicillin cocktail recipe
Penicillin Cocktail
brandy and heavy cream cocktail with grated nutmeg
Brandy Alexander Cocktail
Prosecco, orange juice, orange slices and three glasses of the best mimosas are on a tray. Whole oranges are to the left of the tray.
Classic Mimosa
Homemade bitters in small dropper bottles.
Homemade Chocolate Bitters
Spicy Bloody Maria Cocktail closeup of drink ice and radish carrot tops
Spicy Bloody Maria Cocktail
Low-proof cocktail in a coupe glass with a black salted rim. Lime, bitters and a bottle are in the background.
Chocolate Lark Cocktail (Low-Proof)
Hard Cider and Pomegranate Mimosa on a wooden board with an apple, stir spoon and second glass behind it.
Pomegranate Mimosa with Hard Cider
What's in a Mai Tai? closeup peach orange cocktail with lime and mint garnish
Mai Tai Cocktail
spiced mulled wine recipe for christmas
Spiced Mulled Wine
Ahumado Hibisco Cocktail
Holiday Spiced Old Fashioned Drink
Fall-Spiced Old Fashioned Cocktail
Pomegranate Lime Juice cocktail
Pomegranate Paloma
Kir royale cocktail recipe
Chamb' and Bubbly (Chambord Kir Royale)
Blood Orange French 75 Cocktail
Blood Orange French 75 Cocktail