12 Foods Your Dad (Truly) Wants on Father’s Day

What does Dad want on Father's Day? Sure, probably a nice grilled burger, but what about a shrimp po boy? Or maybe fried chicken? Or maybe even a chocolate cream pie?! We have lots of ideas in this round-up!

Grilled pork chops and steaks — and other typical dude foods — are pretty much a gimme for Father’s Day. So we polled a bunch of our dad friends and decided to find out what they really want to eat on Father’s Day.

Did they want dude food? Did they want something else? Some of the responses are what you might expect – and we’re including a few of those in this round-up as well! — but a few of the answers might surprise you.

A chef friend told me he wants “a big salad with chicken or fish and a beer.” Another dad told me he wants “hot dogs with the grandkids.” (I suspect this is a popular one for its simplicity.)

That being said, we did get some stereotypically meat-centric foods, and that’s ok. It’s all about balance, right?

Dads, what do YOU want this Father’s Day?

Salmon with Avocado Remoulade

There’s something about Father’s Day that calls out for salmon to me, and a few of my dad friends agreed. The remoulade makes it extra special.

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Country style Rib recipe - cooking country ribs slow and low

This particular cut, from the shoulder, is meant for low and slow heat. Whether you use the oven, a wood fire, a charcoal or gas grill—doesn’t matter, they're all good.

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Shrimp Po Boy Sandwich

A lot of dads we talked to love a good sandwich, and this one satisfies—it’s not difficult, but still pulls out all the stops. Look for the freshest seafood you can find and don't skip the homemade sauce.

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Lasagna Bolognese

It may seem a little kooky to make lasagna in June, but when Dad asks for lasagna, you make lasagna, right? This one is made with both a meat sauce and also a béchamel—the latter of which is just a fancy way of saying a creamy white sauce.

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Chipotle chili burger

If you want to keep it simple but add a bit of heat, these burgers—spicy, sweet and juicy—fit the bill.

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Smoky Paprika Shrimp Skewers

A quick marinade with smoked paprika, pepper, cumin, and lime juice makes this shrimp hard to resist once grilled. Serve with rice.

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Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo

One of our favorite dad's, Nick Evans, requested "homemade pasta" so we thought we'd share one of his recipes: this Fettuccine Alfredo with Mushrooms! Make it with this easy from-scratch pasta for a special treat.

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lamb chops with mint chimichurri

Lamb and mint are a classic combo, and chimichurri sauce adds parsley and mint to the mix.

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How to Make Chocolate Cream Pie

Calling this "easy" is no joke—this pie is really easy because the filling comes together in the microwave in 10 minutes. And should Father’s Day turn out to be a scorcher, a pie like this satisfies the urge for something chocolate and something cool at the same time.

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Best Fried Chicken Recipe With Buttermilk

Elise’s dad says, “This is a good one.” What better endorsement do you need for a great Father's Day meal?!

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Steak Salad with Miso Vinaigrette

Pan-seared skirt steak sits atop baby greens along with carrots and radishes. Miso adds that extra depth of flavor and a subtle saltiness, too.

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Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs on the Grill

Yes, you read that correctly—bacon around a hot dog. Here’s a surefire way to take a hot dog to the next level and satisfy those dads who just want a good hot dog for Father's Day.

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Carrie Havranek

Carrie Havranek is a former Associate Editor of Simply Recipes and the author of the cookbook Tasting Pennsylvania (2019). She lives in Easton, Pennsylvania and goes out of her way for farmers' markets, new ingredients, yoga, and walks in nature.

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No Image12 Foods Your Dad (Truly) Wants on Father’s Day

  1. Baltisraul

    Trying Tri-Tip for the first time on Sunday. Was on sale for $3.88 per lbs. Guess that is good but this is the first one to purchase. Don’t see this cut at all in N. Florida so we wanted to give it a try. It could be our only chance?

  2. chris

    my dad would have wanted a nice slab or two of spare ribs, which include his meaty favorite tips, slathered in his own sauce with some baked beans on the side and a root beer. i think i’ll have that in his honor!

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  3. Norm

    I see no one is clamoring for quiche.
    Make mine steak, with a side dish of steak, and that chocolate pie for dessert.

  4. John R

    That menu looks so so good…will definitely ask the ‘boss’ to check out the recipes. Do you have more ‘fried chicken ‘recipes? Thanks.John

    Show Replies (1)
  5. John

    Is there a way to ask for a smorgasbord of them all……..happy Father’s Day all.

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