23 Recipes to Use Up a Bunch of Asparagus

When asparagus is abundant and fresh, all you want to do is cook tons of it. We have your recipes here!

Side by side images of meals that include asparagus. From left to right: Roasted Potatoes and Asparagus with lemon-mustard dressing, Creamy chicken and asparagus pasta, Oven-roasted salmon, asparagus and new potatoes.
Sara Bir

It feels right to eat asparagus in springtime. While it’s much easier now to find good asparagus year-round than it was five years ago (thanks to an increase in imported asparagus), the vegetable is still best in spring—particularly if you can find domestically grown (or locally grown) spears.

Now that you know how to buy and store asparagus and how to prep asparagus, it’s time to start cooking! Here are nearly a dozen of our favorite asparagus recipes.