10 Ways to Top a Baked Potato

Eat baked potatoes on the regular? These recipes all serve double duty; they're terrific meals on their own, but they also make a great baked potato topping!

Do you love baked potatoes? They’re customizable, load-up-able, portable, and totally good for you -- well, depending on what you pile on top!

How about pulled pork? Or maybe lentil stew? Chorizo and eggs is always a winner! The following recipes all serve double duty. They're great meals on their own, but they also make great toppers for baked potatoes! So whether you want a light meal or something more decadent, each ones of these recipes will boost your humble potato into the upper stratosphere of dinner satisfaction.

Need a baked potato crash course? We have that, too! Now, get set to imagine the recipes below on top of a steaming hot baked potato.