11 Easy Skillet Meals for Busy Weeknights

We do love a good skillet dinner. Easy, fast, and satisfying — what's not to like?! From skillet enchiladas to shrimp fajitas, here are some fresh ideas to add to the rotation.

10 Skillet Dinners

For me, the bottom line of life is that dinner needs to be on the table every night whether it's hot or cold, winter or summer, Bachelorette season or not. This said, I can't tell you how many times I've looked at the clock at 4:00 pm and thought, "What's for dinner?!"

If you find yourself asking this same question, I'm here to tell you to embrace the sizzling goodness of skillets!

Skillet meals are some of the easiest meals I make. They come together quickly, I only use one dish, which translates to easy clean-up, and even my pickiest of eaters will chow down on these meals.

When I think of skillet meals, my mind immediately goes to chicken and rice but let's think beyond that. How about Mexican flavored dishes? Or easy skillet pizzas? Let's even go wild and crazy and use gnocchi!

Now the only question I'm asking is, who's ready to step-up their skillet game?