11 Wing Recipes to Make Your Super Bowl Soar

Wings and football go hand-in-hand, but when it comes to the Super Bowl, you really want those wings to take flight. We have just about every cooking method covered and so many different flavors to choose from! These recipes are sure to take any party to new heights!

I don’t know about you, but I am 100% positive that wings are a staple for any and all sporting events. However, when it comes to the Super Bowl, you want to make sure that your wings go ABOVE AND BEYOND. You’re going to need to pull out all the stops to score a major wing touchdown. After all, this isn’t just any football game… it’s the football game of the year! 

There are several different techniques to cooking wings, so pick whatever method suites your fancy. We’ve got them all covered, from grilling to broiling to baking. We’ve even made them in the pressure cooker and the air fryer! Yes, it’s totally possible, and yes, it’s totally delicious.

What are you waiting for? Let’s take flight and make some wings!

BONUS! If you’ve never broken down the chicken wings yourself, we’ll show you how! It’s easy and cheaper than buying the wings that have already been broken down:

Honey buffalo chicken wings cooked in a crock pot and served with blue cheese dressing

These sweet and sticky wings are made with minimal effort and are slow cooked to perfection. Because they’re made in the slow cooker, you won’t have to worry about the wings getting cold or drying out, which means you have more flexibility in serving them.

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Instant Pot Teriyaki Chicken Wings

Prepping these wings is quick and easy. Simply place the ingredients in the pressure cooker, add the wings, toss to coat, and cook! All you need to do is crisp the wings under the broiler for a hot second at the end! It doesn’t get easier than this.

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Parmesan and Pepper Fried Chicken Wings Recipe

Fried chicken wings coated with generous amounts of Parmesan cheese and pepper. They’re great on their own, or with your favorite dipping sauce. You’ll definitely want to make an extra batch because these wings will fly off the plate!

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Close up of buffalo wings recipe with blue cheese dressing and celery.

This recipe will show you how to make Buffalo wings that taste great with less mess and easy clean-up. Marinate the wings in a spicy sauce, broil for a few minutes, and then serve with a creamy and cool blue cheese dip.

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Air Fryer Chicken Wings on a Platter

Fast, no-mess, extra-crispy? That’s what the air fryer can do for you! These particular wings are tossed with spicy gochujang sauce, but you could really use any sauce or seasoning you like.

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Bourbon Maple Glazed Chicken Wings

When you talk about finger-lickin’ good, you’re talking about these wings. They’re messy, sticky, and will quite possibly be the best darn chicken wings in which you’ll ever partake.

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Old Bay Chicken Wings

Yes, Old Bay seasoning is typically a spice blend meant for crab, but it works just as well (if not, better!) with chicken. Toss your wings in a buttery concoction of Old Bay and lemon juice, then bake, broil, and then dip in cocktail sauce. Yes, you read that right: cocktail sauce! It’s a funky fresh combination, but we know you’re going to love it!

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Miso Chicken Wings

Grab a mixing bowl and a lined baking sheet, and get to work! These wings are on the spicy side, thanks to a little bit of gochujang. You’re more than welcome to add more or less of it, depending on how much heat you want.

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Pile of Honey Mustard Wings on plate

If you’re a lover of honey mustard, then you’re in for a real treat with these baked wings! That’s right, they’re baked, not fried. To get these wings crispy, we set a metal baking rack on top of the baking sheet, so the wings cook from all sides.

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Grilled Chicken Wings with buffalo sauce on a serving platter

If you’re willing to pull out the grill during the cold winter months, then you should definitely make these wings. The goal is to cook them at a low temperature on the grill to mimic the low and slow cooking of a barbecue.

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Ginger Honey Chicken Wings

These ginger honey chicken wings really are lip-smacking juicy morsels of wonder. They’re marinated with freshly grated ginger, soy sauce, honey, and garlic. Don’t forget a hint of sriracha to bring it all together!

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