14 Desserts to Satisfy All of Your Chocolate Cravings

If you’re craving chocolate these drool-worthy decadent desserts are certain to satisfy. Get your forks ready for creamy, triple chocolate cheesecake, marshmallowy chocolate pavlova topped with berries and cream, or go bite-sized with truffles or chocolate covered pretzels.

More often than not, Saturday night is movie night in my house, and with a movie comes dessert!

We rotate who gets to pick the movie each week, which means every four weeks I get to pick. Who wants to watch Little Women? Meeee!!! When it comes to dessert if I have to choose between chocolate and anything else, I’m always choosing chocolate. My boys might not love every movie selection I make, but chocolate is always a winner.

Some of our movie night family favorites include silky chocolate pudding topped with whipped cream, fudgy brownies cut into bite-size squares, or chocolate ice cream scooped into a bowl. There isn’t anything wrong with keeping it simple. Sometimes chocolate chips mixed into buttery salted popcorn is all it takes.

You have options galore when it comes to chocolate desserts, make any of the above or choose something else from the list below!

These simple pantry cupcakes are my kids’ absolute favorite. They are so tender and easy to make whenever a chocolate craving strikes. No eggs or special chocolate required. The batter is very thin, but don’t worry; it will bake up perfectly.

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Fudgy Brownies

We love these fudgy, unfrosted, nut-free brownies because of the deep chocolate flavor. Mini chocolate chips stirred into the batter adds another level of decadence. Pro tip: Freeze leftovers for a midnight snack.

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Chocolate Nutella Cookies

Nutella is a pantry staple at our house and baking it into a chocolate hazelnut cookie just makes sense! Besides Nutella, unsweetened cocoa and chocolate chips are added for a true chocolate lovers dream.

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While we’re on the subject of cake, how about this gluten-free version that gets baked in a muffin tin! The smaller side means that it's ready in a snap and the perfect size for a movie snack.

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Whole choclate layer cake with chocolate swiss meringue buttercream swirls on top, dusted with powdered sugar against a dark background

I love making layer cakes, especially when they are the one-bowl type that don’t require any fussing. The Chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream can be made ahead of time to make assembly that much easier.

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Close up of the best chocolate cheeescake with dripping ganache frosting on a white background.

A chocolate graham cracker crust is filled with chocolate cheesecake filling and then topped with a glossy ganache. First time cheesecake baker? We have tips and tricks to help achieve cheesecake perfection.

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A whole chocolate pie topped with shaved chocolate.

Ditch the pudding mix and use the microwave instead to make this silky chocolate filling. Be sure to have a baked and cooled pie crust ready to go to ensure a speedy assembly.

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Chocolate Pecan Tart

This tart is similar to a brownie pie. A tart crust is partially baked then the nut filled chocolate filling is added. Bake the whole thing, then dust it with powdered sugar and serve a room temperature.

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Chocolate Pavlova

Pavlova is one of our favorite desserts. The chocolate meringue has a crackly outside and a marshmallow-y center. Additional chocolate is melted on top before finishing with whipped cream and raspberries. The meringue base can be made ahead of time.

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Chocolate Truffles

Melt chocolate and heavy whipping cream together to make ganache and put it in the fridge to chill. Roll the ganache into balls and coat with cocoa powder to finish. Perfect movie munching candy for chocolate lovers.

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Chocolate Covered Pretzels

When I’m craving sweet and salty snacks chocolate covered pretzels come to the rescue. Melt chocolate submerge the pretzel and let dry on a baking sheet. Done!

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Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies drizzled in peanut butter

As a teen, I made no bake cookies every time a chocolate craving struck. I love peanut butter and chocolate together! These cookies are superfast and easy. Make them on the stovetop then chill in the fridge.

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Brookie Cookie

Brownie + cookie = brookie! Make cookie dough and brownie dough, chill, roll into balls, combine and bake. These also freeze wonderfully, so don’t hesitate to make the whole batch.

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Best German Chocolate Cake Recipe

German chocolate cake has become my go-to birthday cake. It has everything I love: chocolate cake topped with a decadent caramel-y frosting of pecans and coconut. This version is baked in a 9x13 pan making it perfect snack cake for movie night.

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