14 Summery Drinks to Sip and Savor

Summer days are for front porch sippin’. Whether you are boozy, booze-free, or into fermented tea this list of satisfying summer drinks has something for everyone! Stir, share, sip and savor.

Summer days are my favorite. I love long bright days, basking in the sun and letting routines fly out the window!

With the heat, it’s important to stay hydrated, obviously, but chugging plain water can get old real fast. I love to switch things up every day (a classic sign of a true Gemini!) so sipping on something different is what gets me through the heat of the day.

Lemonade is an obvious choice for my family (and something my kids love to make), but why not explore different flavors? Here’s a few different drinks, both boozy and zero-proof, for you to sip and savor all summer long!


When the first hints of summer arrives, it’s time to go into full-on lemonade mode. This is a family friendly recipe that you’ll want to sip all summer. It’s the real deal!

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Sangria with Strawberries and Sparkling Wine

The best thing about this sangria is it can be made boozy or non-boozy. Sipper’s choice! You can scale it up or scale it down and even make it ahead of time if you need to.

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Margarita Recipe with Blueberries serve

Get ready for a bold infusion of blueberries, lime, and mint! It has all the traditional ingredients of a margarita, but the blueberries add a little whisper of fun.

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How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

No one needs to drink hot coffee when the thermometer is reaching triple digits! This cold-brew method produces a smooth and icy cup of coffee every single time.

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Agua de Jamaica, Hibiscus Tea

This popular Mexican tea is made from the infusion of hibiscus flowers. It’s slightly tart but absolutely refreshing for when you’re feeling a little parched!

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Cucumber Lime Agua Fresca

When the temps are beyond scorching outside, reach for this drink that will literally cool you down thanks to the cucumber juice base. Fun fact: You can take the puree solids and use them as a facial mask!

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Horizontal view of ingredients for sparkling rose mimosas are on a tray. Rose, stir stick, lemon slices, watermelon slices and a wine glass with the mimosa inside.

This is what afternoon, summer sipping drinks are all about — low in alcohol, but high in flavor. It’s one of our favorite ways to show off all the sweetness that watermelon has to offer and is sure to brighten your day!

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A large mason jar of easy homemade horchata with a cinnamon stick inside is in front of a similar glass and a pitcher of homemade horchata. A small bowl of rice and cinnamon sticks are to the left.

Making horchata from scratch is easy and you probably have all the ingredients in your pantry right now! Sweetened condensed milk makes this drink so dreamy. Be sure to serve it on the rocks and ice-cold. If you’re feeling extra sassy, add a splash of spiced rum or bourbon!

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Iced Chai Tea Latte

This method is fairly simple and uncomplicated but yields maximum rewards. Steep the tea for a few hours, sweeten with a simple syrup of equal parts honey and water, top with a little milk  and sip the day away!

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Lavender Lemonade

Add a floral note to your lemonade with a hint of lavender! It doesn’t take much to get that sweet taste, so be sure to not overdo it. You’re sure to love the infusion of lemon and lavender for a sweet summer treasure.

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Minty Limeade

If you aren’t obsessed with limes, you soon will be after tasting this delightful drink. It’s made from a simple syrup and infused with lime zest. Add a sprig of mint for the final touches and you’ll quickly be on the road to Happy Town.

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Switchel recipe with ginger

If you’re wanting to add a little variety to your summer sips, consider trying a switchel. It’s made with ginger, vinegar, and honey. Make a batch and think of it as a concentrate and use it as a mixer for endless flavor combinations!

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pear ginger shrub drink

A shrub is a fantastic alternative to a boozy cocktail. It’s still sophisticated thanks to a lot of complex flavors going on, and can be made with club soda, seltzer, tonic, or flavored bubbly water.

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Side view of several bottles filled with kombucha

If you’re a longtime kombucha drinker it might be time to take the next step and make some at home. Start a batch today, and 1 to 2 weeks later you could be sipping on this healthy, flavorful fermented tea.

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