Editors' Picks: Kitchen Organizers

An organized kitchen doesn't have to be super minimal; it just has to function well. These editor-approved kitchen organizers help make the tools and ingredients in your kitchen more visible and accessible, so you can cook with more ease and joy!

I think it's safe to assume we would all like an organized kitchen, but what does that even mean? An organized kitchen doesn't have to be minimal or arranged with military precision; it just has to function well, and function better than it did before we organized it!

That's where kitchen organizers come in. The best organizers keep us from having to hunt for an ingredient or tool. They make things more visible and accessible, and sometimes as a result, nicer to look at, too!

Here are a few of our favorite editor-approved kitchen organizers.

  • Store Tools Better!

  • Magnetic Knife Rack

    I've used magnetic knife racks for years. I started with the budget-friendly stainless steel version and recently upgraded to this walnut version, which I was able to customize to fit alongside one side of my kitchen cabinets.

    It's beautiful, sturdy, well made, and I anticipate never having to buy another one again. And most importantly, it keeps my knives easily within reach but not so easy that my kids can reach them!

    Walnut Magnetic Knife Strip, 9-Inch, $35

  • Expandable Bamboo Drawer Dividers

    If you've ever had a drawer for your utensils that wasn't divided in any way, you know what a crazy mess it can be! That's why these dividers are so great. They're heftier than plastic dividers, so they won't move around (not to mention nicer to look at!), and they can expand to fit drawers up to 22 inches deep, when most other dividers only go to around 17 inches. They can be used horizontally or vertically, and spring-load into place.

    A total drawer saver!

    Expandable Bamboo Drawer Dividers, $35 for set of four. Also available in white and grey.

  • Ceramic Utensil Crock

    If you want to get your utensils out of the drawer entirely, don't forget about the utensil crock! There are hundreds of variations on this idea—a countertop vessel large enough to hold a dozen or more kitchen utensils—but the most classic is this one: ceramic, white, made in the USA, and sized just right.

    Ceramic Utensil Crock, $25

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  • Expandable Utensil Organizer

    Everyone probably already has a silverware organizer in their drawer, but if you don't, or if you're unhappy with the one you have, we recommend this stellar version from OXO. It fits into small 9 1/2-inch drawers but extends to 16 inches wide.

    The best part? The removable silicone dividers keep your silverware neatly stacked!

    OXO Good Grips Expandable Utensil Organizer, starts at $16.99

  • Make More Space!

  • Pan Organizer

    Emma loves this rack: "My cupboard with all my cutting boards, cooling racks, and baking sheets was a hot mess before I finally invested in this simple pan organizer! I've been using this one for about three years now, and it's holding strong—no matter how much I jam, squeeze, or bang my pans in there!"

    Kitchen Cabinet and Pantry Organizer Rack, $12

  • Adjustable Cookware Rack

    Another great cookware organizer is this one from YouCopia, primarily because it's fully adjustable and can be resized for whatever you need to store, from pans to cutting boards, lids, and all manner of bakeware.

    YouCopia StoreMore Adjustable Cookware Rack, $19.99

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  • Metal Pot Lid Rack

    Pot lids are always the trickiest thing to store, aren't they? This pot lid rack is great, because while it can hold up to six pot lids, it's small enough to hang on the inside of a cabinet door!

    Organize It All Metal Pot Lid Rack, $15

  • Steel Pegboard

    Have more wall space than cabinet space? Pull a Julia Child and hang a pegboard! These steel pegboards from Wall Control come in packs of two and are available in 10 different colors. They mount directly into studs or sheet rock, no framework required!

    Wall Control Steel Pegboard, $38 set of two

  • Under Shelf Storage Baskets

    One of my favorite ways to double the space in my cabinets—particularly in the cupboard with my glasses and mugs, which always seems to be full to the brim—is with a simple wire under shelf basket. I also have a couple in my pantry cupboards.

    Under Shelf Storage Baskets, starting at $9

  • Turntable or Lazy Susan

    Perfect for pretty much anywhere in the kitchen, but especially the pantry and fridge, OXO's turntable turns easily, has a lip on the edge to keep items from falling off, and nonslip rubber feet so it stays put.

    OXO Good Grips Turntable, starting at $11.95

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  • Label It!

  • Label Maker

    It all comes down to just being able to find what you need when you need it, and the way to do that is to LABEL everything. If you want a uniform look, then a label maker is your best friend. This one is a reliable workhorse.

    Brother P-Touch Label Maker, $34.99

  • Painter's Tape

    If writing labels for your food containers is more your jam, then get a roll of painter's tape and a Sharpie. Avoid masking tape, since it can leave behind a sticky residue that won't come off. Painter's tape is easy to apply and easy to remove!

    ScotchBlue Original Multi-Surface Painter's Tape, 3/4 Inch, $6.00

  • Jumbo Tape Dispenser

    If you're going the painter's tape labeling route, take it one step further and get a weighted jumbo tape dispenser, like this one from Acrimet. I love that I can tear a piece of tape with one hand without the dispenser moving around.

    Acrimet Jumbo Tape Dispenser, $13