Meal Plan for April Week 2

Here's your meal plan for April Week 2! We've got Pork Carnitas, Pressure Cooker Paella, Cheese Quesadillas with Kale, and more!

This month, Summer Miller is back, sharing her meal plans for April. Summer is a mom, a full-time food writer, and also helps test the fabulous recipes we bring you every week at Simply Recipes.

Spring can be a fickle friend, especially where I live in Nebraska. One moment the sun is shining and my family has abandoned their boots for flip flops, and then next week it’s snowing and we cry a little inside.

The plus side of all of this is we can marry cozy, rich foods with spring fruits and vegetables. This week’s meal plan provides tasty dinners (and hope for spring), bringing you the best of both worlds regardless of the temperature outside.


The pork for these carnitas requires several hours of simmering on the stove top, followed by roasting in the oven. Make the meat on Sunday and reheat for a fast and delicious Monday evening meal. Serve them in tacos with all the fixings.

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Apricot Chicken in Bowl With Fork

Apricots won't fully be in season for another few weeks, but it's been such a long winter without fresh fruit that I'm hoping to score a few early-season apricots to make this recipe! If they haven’t arrived in your part of the world yet, feel free to substitute dried apricots. Serve over rice or egg noodles.

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Beef Roulades with Walnut Parsley Pesto

As we learned last week, when you roll things up they look fancy! Pesto lends bright fresh flavor to this beef dish while bacon draws you in with its smoky, robust saltiness. If you need to save some time, substitute prosciutto for bacon -- the flavor profile of prosciutto similar bacon, but there’s no need to cook it. Serve with a simple Watercress Salad with Strawberries for some springtime freshness with the meal.

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A serving of instant pot paella on a plate

Pressure cookers and Instapots turn recipes that would usually take hours into meals that take minutes. To increase the seafood content of this dish, steam some clams or mussels on the side, and add them in at the end.

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Kale Quesadilla

Kale is a cool weather vegetable and should be plentiful this time of year. Quesadillas come together quickly for a light dinner, that leaves you plenty of time to enjoy your Friday night. Quick black beans and rice on the side complete the meal.

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Summer Miller

Summer Miller is the Senior Editor for Simply Recipes based in Nebraska. Her work has appeared in Bon Appetit, Eating Well, Grit, SAVEUR, and Every Day with Rachael Ray, among others. Her first book is New Prairie Kitchen (Agate Publishing, 2015).

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  1. Kelley

    Thanks for the Instant Pot recipe. I got one for Xmas, and can’t wait to try this dish! I’ll post afterward and let everyone know how it goes!

  2. Sally

    I won’t see fresh apricots until July! I appreciate the recipes that don’t call for specialized equipment. I’m trying to eliminate their use in my kitchen. I’m eagerly waiting for “What’s in Season in April.”

  3. Jody

    Oh yum! I’ll take Norbert’s meat and cheese. Thanks for these beautiful recipes, Elise.

  4. Norbert Mergen

    Less meat, please. Meat is a big source of pollution and climate change. So half vegetarian (no cheeses) and half meat is better.

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  5. Loxie

    Sounds fabulous! Can’t wait to make it all!
    For the Paella recipe would love to hear feedback in regards to using the new instapots. Brand and size

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