Meal Plan for February Week 4

Here's your meal plan for February Week 4! We've got Twice Baked Potatoes, Thai Green Curry, Chicken Skewers, and more!

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I often try to keep Monday dinners super simple, but lately I’ve found that it’s Wednesday nights that have been the troublemaker. By this time in the week, everyone’s starting to get tired from the pace of the work (and daycare) week, and yet it’s just not quite close enough to Friday to let our guard down and get excited about the weekend.

So this Wednesday, I’m keeping it simpler than usual with a make-your-own Twice Baked Potato situation! This will go over well with small and large palates alike.

As for prepping for the week in advance, the white chili is a great recipe to make over the weekend and just reheat come Tuesday. Likewise, feel free to bake off and mash filling for the Twice Baked Potatoes a few days ahead – and then on Wednesday, you’re simply throwing the potatoes in the oven for their second bake and prepping your toppings and accompaniments.

If you want leftovers for the weekend, double up the Thai Green Chicken Curry (and you can always freeze any you don’t eat to make life easy on a future harried weeknight).

Here’s my week is looking:

Halibut with peppers and onion on plate

One-skillet suppers make Monday dinner more manageable, and it’s hard to go wrong with this halibut. There is a bit of chopping involved in the recipe, so I like to keep any side dishes simple. I usually just toss mixed greens with an Italian vinaigrette.

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White bean chicken chili in a serving bowl with chips

I love the mellow flavors in this white chili; it’s not super spicy, so it’s a great kid-friendly dinner option. Make the chili at least one day in advance to let the flavors develop if you can, and use canned beans to save yourself some time. Serve with warm tortillas and ample chunky guacamole.

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how to make twice baked potatoes

These versatile baked potatoes are beloved by everyone in our house and quick to pull together, making Hump Day meal prep a breeze. Keep toppings simple for picky eaters (butter, cheese, maybe even broccoli) and go to town for the more adventurous: bacon, pickled peppers, and blue cheese. Serve with a simple green salad.

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Thai Green Curry

While I love the idea of making my own curry paste, for weeknight meals I opt for a store bought paste instead to speed up my dinner prep. Serve this mild curry with brown rice, and some sliced citrus on the side.

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Greek Chicken Skewers with Flatbread and Yogurt Sauce (Chicken Souvlaki)

We’ve been known to indulge on the weekends, so this Friday we’re keeping our meal light and simple. It’s still too cold to fire up the grill, but luckily cooking these chicken skewers in a cast iron skillet on the stovetop is a breeze. Serve these flatbread wraps with  Cucumber Salad with Tahini Dressing to close out another great dinner week!

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  1. yvonne yetman

    Hello and thank you for the wonderful recipes that are making my life easier and more fun. It is
    only myself and my husband now and we both are retired so my cooking motivations are not so motivated. Not any
    more!!!!!!! I have tried the Thai Green Curry with chicken, and it is a keeper! When I get a little more motivated I will try and send pictures. I have looked at many of your recipes and have not found one that I would not hesitate to try. Thank You! Here’s to food! PS Your site is easy to get around and beautiful to look at.

  2. Maxine Gordon

    I’m allergic to most vinegars (mold). I usually use Rice Wine Vinegar. Can I use RWV in place of wine vinegar? Also, I can’t eat Yellow, Red or Green peppers.Is there anything I can use in their stead? Thanks.

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  3. Saryan Sha

    This is great! Wow!

    The Chicken Curry – Thai-style – looks like a wholesome meal to prepare in a cooking bowl – seems so rich in flavour and taste – and only 35 mins to cook and prepare!

    This week is going to be delightful.

  4. Louise

    I’m so happy you’re you. I love to have your meal plans. It saves me so much time thinking of what to fix that’s different. Just wanted you to know you are appreciated!

  5. Doris

    Of red,green and yellow curry,which is the mildest in flavor?

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