Meal Plan for June Week 2

Here's your meal plan for June Week 2! We've got Hawaiian Burgers, Asparagus Pizzas, Roast Chicken on Angel Hair, and more!

This month, we welcome back Marta Rivera for more of her meal plans. Marta is a trained chef, mom of twins, and Army wife – and she is also one of our Simply Recipes recipe testers!

For me, and most other military families, June means “See You Later.” Summer is the time of year when members of our military are moving to their next duty stations en masse — we refer to it as “PCS Season” (or “Permanent Change of Station” Season).

It’s a time for cleaning out pantries, bringing easy to heat-and-eat meals to our departing neighbors, and tearful goodbyes.

Roasted Chicken on Angel Hair

Monday’s Roast Chicken on Angel Hair Pasta uses minimal dishes and comes together in a snap. Using up pasta that seems to lurk in the pantry makes this a perfect meal for those days you want a quick but hearty dinner. It’s also no hassle to double up this recipe so you can drop one batch off to a friend or neighbor who needs a meal.

Grilled Marinated Flank Steak

On Tuesday, I want to make something that will help ease the burden of meal prep. With this recipe, I can start the steak marinating a few hours ahead (or even the night before) and also prep some salad ingredients. When it’s time to come together for dinner, I quickly grill the steaks while the rest of my crew plates the salad, gets drinks, and sets the table. All hands on deck at our place takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to meals and moves.

Shaved Asparagus and Potato Pizza

Wednesday’s Shaved Asparagus and Potato Pizza is a lifesaver because I can make the pizza dough ahead of time and let the family to DIY their own pies. I help facilitate making these personal pizzas by setting out the toppings in individual bowls and letting everyone design their own versions. Since I enjoy asparagus more than most normal folks, I load my pizza with tons of asparagus!

Hawaiian Pork Burger

It’s typical to host more than one farewell when you live in a military community, and making a bunch of burgers is an easy way to feed a group of people on a budget. Thursday’s unique twist on the American favorite is also a nod to the many cultures we encounter as we travel the world. And who doesn’t love the taste of grilled pineapple?

Mexican Street Corn Nachos

Life on the move isn’t easy for adults, but it’s extremely trying for children. Whenever our children have to say goodbye to a friend, we try to give them a great memory of it. Usually that means hosting a slew of kids for a “See You Later Party.” Friday is a perfect evening to serve these Mexican Street Corn Nachos -- kids love them and they’re perfect for large groups.

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Marta Rivera

Marta Rivera is trained chef with over 20 years in the culinary field and the blogger behind Sense & Edibility. She graduated from the Baltimore International Culinary College with degrees in Culinary Arts and Classical Pastries. Her cookbook is Taste and See Cooks.

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  1. Paddy Bateman

    Wow, can not wait to try the chicken and the nachos. Love all your recipes and look forward to my emails with new recipes. Thank you very much and love reading the comments, gives you added incentive to try the recipe right away!

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    I have a great aioli that goes great with the Hawaiian burger that includes mayo, teriyaki sauce, pineapple juice and honey and lemon zest. The pizza looks amazing.

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    What a great plan this week! I’m excited to get cooking.

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    Love it!!

Meal Plan for June Week 2Meal Plan for June Week 2