Meal Plan for September Week 1

Here's your meal plan for the first week of September! We've got grilled dukkah-crusted chicken, taco-stuffed zucchini boats, gazpacho with avocado, and more!

This month, please welcome Aaron Hutcherson and his September meal plans! Aaron is a regular contributor here on Simply Recipes and the blogger behind The Hungry Hutch.

Hello, September! With Labor Day on Monday and a lot of people heading back to school, we like to think of this week as the start of fall, but we’re still actually in the midst of summer.

Time goes by quickly enough on its own—there’s no need to try to fast forward to autumn just yet! Let’s slow down and savor the rest of the season at hand.

It seems like everyone was away on vacation during the month of August—myself included—but now is the time when things tend to pick back up with work and other commitments. There are more meetings, more dinner dates, and more friends wanting to catch up after their summer travels. Is the same true for you?

With all of that in mind, I wanted to keep things not too complicated and make sure that we’re still taking full advantage of all of the produce of the season. That means tomatoes, zucchini, corn, and peaches! I particularly love peach desserts, so I wanted to make sure I threw one of those in this week’s plan, too.

Happy cooking!

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Tomato Tart Phyllo Dough

Yes, I am starting with one of my own recipes, but it's just that good! Also, there's limited time left in the year for your to make it, so I want to make sure you give it a try before it's too late. This tomato ricotta tart is the perfect app for any Labor Day festivities, or you can cut it into larger pieces to serve with a nice salad for a complete meal.

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Gazpacho Soup Recipe with Avocado

Gazpacho is great for when it's too hot outside to turn on your stove. All you need is a food processor and then bam! You've got soup. If you're looking for something a little bit more filling, toast up some thick slices of good bread in olive oil or butter for dipping.

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Grilled Chicken with Dukkah

A lovely blend of spices combined with a citrus marinade for grilled chicken? This recipe is really speaking my language. It's pretty much a complete meal already, but if so desired, you can bulk up the amount of greens or throw some extra veggies on the grill along with the chicken for a larger meal.

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Nicoise tuna sandwich

As we continue to ease into the month of September, here's a lovely sandwich to enjoy for dinner—there's no reason to relegate sandwiches only to lunchtime. I personally love chips with my sandwiches, but you could also include some crudité or a simple salad.

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Stuffed Zucchini Boats Recipe

Most of the time I just sauté zucchini to eat as a side dish, but this recipe makes it the star of the meal. It goes great with a side Spanish rice.

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BONUS RECIPE! To me, a crisp is just about the easiest way to enjoy fruit for dessert. The only other thing you need to worry about is if you have some vanilla ice cream in the freezer to go with it.

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Aaron Hutcherson

Aaron or “Hutch” is the blogger behind The Hungry Hutch, which features a delicious variety of savory and sweet recipes. He grew up in the Midwest, but has called New York City home for nearly a decade.

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