New to Cooking? Here are 12 Ridiculously Easy Recipes

These quick and easy recipes are perfect for home cook veterans looking for a simple meal idea or kitchen newbies who are just learning their way around. We have recipes for breakfast through dessert and everything in between.

My gut tells me that if you’re a regular on Simply Recipes, you know your way around the kitchen. I would also venture to guess that you have friends or family members who aren’t quite so savvy at the stove.

These are the folks who have never picked up a whisk before and have the delivery guy on speed dial. This post is for you, the uninitiated who have a fridge full of ingredients and no idea what to do with them. It’s a round-up of 15 entry-level-easy recipes for new cooks of every age and stage.

That said, this post is for seasoned cooks, too. It’s always good to give yourself a break in the kitchen. So, make these recipes for yourself, or better yet, share them with friends!

  • If you’re looking for another great resource we love Katie’s cookbook, PREP, it’s tailor-made for anyone new to the kitchen! – The Simply Team
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Easy Scrambled Eggs with toast on a plate

Scrambling eggs isn’t rocket science, but doing it right takes a bit of practice. This recipe is a great guide. Make sure you use a rubber spatula to push the eggs!

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An entry-level recipe on making quesadillas you can build on with any number of ingredients you have on hand. You can even add some of those fluffy scrambled eggs you just learned how to make. Add some beans and you have Breakfast Quesadillas.

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Joe's Special Scrambled Eggs with Spinach, Beef, and Mushrooms

Don’t be intimidated by the number of ingredients in this recipe. It’s easy to make and the photos walk you through every step until you have a nourishing breakfast (or lunch, or dinner)!

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Steamed broccoli in the pan

Learn to steam broccoli and you can apply the same principle to cauliflower, carrots, and plenty of other vegetables. All you need is a little butter, salt, and pepper for a nourishing and delicious side dish.

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Roasted New Potatoes

“New” potatoes are the small, waxy variety, such as red skinned or fingerlings. Turn them into crispy roasted potatoes using this simple recipe (and try not to eat every last one).

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Homemade Chicken and Rice Soup

This is an uncomplicated dish made with ordinary ingredients but results in a soup that’s comfort in a pot. Double the recipe for leftovers or to store in your freezer.

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Even though this recipe is just two core ingredients — tomatoes and butter — it results in an uncommonly delicious sauce for any type of pasta. It’s ideal for starter cooks.

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Sesame Noodle Salad

If you love the flavors of Asian-style cooking, this simple noodle salad is for you. Just whisk together the soy-based dressing and toss with noodles and a few other goodies and dinner (or lunch) is done.

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Baked Honey Mustard Salmon on a white platter

Cooking fish is often one of the last skill sets that beginner cooks tackle, but this recipe makes it easy. A simple sauce and a hot oven is all you need for a scrumptious dish that’s ready in 20 minutes from start to finish.

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baked bbq chicken cooling before serving

This three-ingredient dinner is a sure-fire crowd pleaser. Plus, the chicken legs make great leftovers.

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Pork Tenderloin with Apples

Pork tenderloin is one of the more forgiving cuts for a beginner cook. Here, it’s served with sautéed apples that get cooked in the same pan as the pork. Less clean up!

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A stack of Snickerdoodle next to a glass of milk.

Every new cook needs a great cookie recipe in their back pocket. This is an excellent place to start.

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Katie Morford

Katie Morford is the Nutrition Editor for Simply Recipes. She is a writer, registered dietitian, and author of three cookbooks: PREP: The Essential College Cookbook, Rise & Shine: Better Breakfasts for Busy Mornings and Best Lunch Box Ever, which was nominated for an IACP award. Her work has been featured in Family Circle, Better Homes and Gardens, Health, Real Simple, Oprah, Parents, Self, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the New York Times, among others. Katie lives in San Francisco with her husband and three daughters.

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