8 Recipes I Know My Kids Will Love

When it comes to home cooked dinners, kids can be our biggest fans, or our biggest challengers. Here are eight recipes I know my kids will love and eat!

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Ah, children. They can be our biggest fans and also our biggest challengers when it comes to cooking. Getting a meal on the table that they will eat sometimes feels like a Herculean task.

I’ve got twin boys. One will eat almost anything and the other is much more unpredictable about what he’ll object to—or embrace.

Still, I’ve figured out what sorts of dishes work best and make a meal that they’ll both enjoy. It typically includes things that lots of kids like: pizza variations, sandwich-oriented foods that can be eaten with one hand, and anything with potatoes, cheese, or bread.

Here are eight recipes that I know my boys will love. Wherever you see fit, feel free to add more vegetables or other interesting ingredients that you know your own kids will respond to positively.

What recipes do you know your kids will always love and eat?

Sausage Rolls Recipe

Based on sheer novelty alone—sausage wrapped in dough!—these are any easy sell to any meat-loving kid. Pair with a green salad or maybe some raw veggies and you’re good to go.

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Tater Tot Breakfast Casserole

I don’t know a single child who doesn’t like tater tots, and this one combines the best of breakfast into a skillet dish that works for breakfast or breakfast-for-dinner.

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Sloppy Joe

Adults and kids alike can enjoy this classic combo of ground beef, onions, carrots and garlic. It gives them permission to be messy!

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Sesame Chicken Fingers

Homemade chicken tenders are not tough to make, and the reward is so much greater than their frozen store-bought counterparts.  If your kids aren’t into Sriracha, simply omit it from the dipping sauce.

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Tomato and Mozzarella Skillet Pita Pizzas

Made with pita bread as the base, these easy pizzas come together quickly without turning on the oven—you make them in a skillet on the stovetop. Kids can customize toppings to their liking.

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Kid Friendly Wraps

Layer a tortilla with peanut butter and jelly, or go for ham, shredded carrots and cream cheese. Roll it up, and you have a fun sandwich substitute.

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Easy Buttered Noodles

Noodles loaded with butter, Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper?! Whether you make this comfort food as a main dish or a side, most kids will never turn down such a dish.

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You can keep this simple—just some cheese and maybe some chopped tomatoes—or you can gussy this up and add salsa, sliced radishes, or whatever else you have on hand that goes over well. I like to think of tacos as more of a template than a strict recipe, and this one will definitely get you started.

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Carrie Havranek

Carrie Havranek is a former Associate Editor of Simply Recipes and the author of the cookbook Tasting Pennsylvania (2019). She lives in Easton, Pennsylvania and goes out of her way for farmers' markets, new ingredients, yoga, and walks in nature.

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No Image8 Recipes I Know My Kids Will Love

  1. karyn

    Can’t wait to try ‘em all.✌️

  2. Sally

    My adult daughter and I volunteer at the youth crisis center twice a month. It’s a center where parents can drop off their children for two days to be taken care of. The children are not used to fresh of anything. Am always looking for new breakfast/lunch ideas. Found they love fresh oranges and bananas but they need good protein that they would gobble down. Thank you

  3. Jenny M

    These recipes look great individually, but I think kids deserve more credit. My five year-old loves smoothies and all types of salad, and my eight year-old’s favorite foods are olives and brussels sprouts. I made the Hawaiian oxtail soup recipe from this site last night, and both kids loved it. I admit they’d devour every recipe listed above, but they also love meals that primarily consist of fresh vegetables and healthy proteins, and it makes me feel better when they eat healthy and minimally-processed foods.

  4. Diana

    Superb delicases!

  5. Alida @My Little Italian Kitchen

    What a beautiful collection of recipes. My children would love all of them too with no doubt, and so do I :-)