Simply Recipes 2019 Meal Plan: August Week 4

Take a culinary trip around the world with this week's meal plan! Indulge in Indian saag tofu, spice up your burger with a little chipotle, or head to France to enjoy pan bagnat. Round out the week with Greek chicken skewers, and arrive stateside for some lobster!

This week, please welcome Rachel Knecht and her meal plans! Rachel is a recipe tester here on Simply Recipes and the blogger behind Baking with Rachel.

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For me, summer is a time to carve out space for new experiences. Some experiences are close to home. Last summer my son and I went to an Asian grocery store for the first time. He picked out different snacks to try and we came home and ate them all. Other experiences take us further away.

This summer we are taking an international vacation to London and Paris. While munching on croissants and sipping tea, I know that these meals eaten away from home will stay with us long after we are back in our own beds. Whether close to home or far away, I hope that this week’s meal plan can be part of your summer of experiences as well.

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Pressure Cooker Saag Tofu

Tofu is a favorite in our house. Its mild taste and silky texture complement the flavors in this dish. This recipe has so much going for it. Pressure cooker! Vegan! Greens! Protein! If you prefer to use fresh spinach instead of frozen, just stir it in after sautéing the ginger and garlic so that it has a chance to wilt before continuing with the recipe. Serve with rice or naan.

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Chipotle chili burger

Change up your beef burger by adding smoky chipotle peppers, spices, and jack cheese for a southwestern twist. Beef is strong enough to handle the complex flavor of chipotles packed in adobo sauce. I like introducing new flavors to my family by using foods that are already familiar to them, and a hamburger is the perfect vehicle. Serve with these cilantro lime grilled sweet potatoes.

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Nicoise tuna sandwich

This cold sandwich made on a crusty baguette is filled with canned tuna, anchovies, olives, tomatoes, onions, hard-boiled eggs, and fresh vegetables. Press it down to help all the flavors and ingredients meld together. This is a true “clean out the crisper” type of sandwich. Grab a basket and blanket, and enjoy a picnic befitting the French Riviera.

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Greek Chicken Skewers with Flatbread and Yogurt Sauce (Chicken Souvlaki)

Greek food is one of my favorite cuisines. Fresh ingredients are prepared simply and packed with flavor. The chicken can either be grilled or made on the stovetop, whichever you (or the weather) decides. I make the marinade and yogurt sauce beforehand to make dinner even easier.

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How to Boil and Eat Lobster

Transport friends and family to the East Coast with this fun tutorial and recipe. If you can boil water (and I know you can!), then you are set for a night to remember. Serve with crusty bread for dipping.

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Rachel Knecht

Rachel tests recipes for Simply Recipes, teaches a kid's cooking class, and develops the content for Baking with Rachel.

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    Nothing I would fix but am sure many people will enjoy them.

  2. Rachel

    Oh everything sounds so amazing!!! I have vegan and pescatarian friends and family that I immediately shared certain recipes with. Thank you!

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