Simply Recipes 2019 Meal Plan: February Week 1

Here's your meal plan for the first week of February! We've got zesty crab cakes, easy hamburger stroganoff, baked chicken taquitos, and more!

February Week 1 Meal Plan

Hi, friends! I’m glad to be back and bringing you my meal plan for February! Can you believe that we’re already well-nestled into 2019? Me either.

My home-schooling routine is in full swing and we’ve started my favorite course of all--Culinary Arts! Yep, I’m teaching my twins the fundamentals of cooking and they’re in charge of dinner this week.

That's why this week’s meal plan is full of kid- and adult-friendly recipes that aren’t too daunting or time-consuming.

  • Baked Chicken Taquitos

    Homemade Taquitos with chicken
    Nick Evans

    I love incorporating these Baked Chicken Taquitos into my meal plans, especially when I know the kiddos are going to lend a hand. Oftentimes, I set up an assembly line and we all tuck in with the prepping, cooking, filling, and rolling. If you’re working solo, cooking the filling the night before and assembling the next day makes the recipe flow smoothly.

  • Hamburger Stroganoff

    Elise Bauer

    Everyone needs a good pasta recipe in their arsenal, kids (who will grow up to be hungry teenagers and college kids) especially. In keeping with the “One Day They’ll Be Out of My House” mentality, this Hamburger Stroganoff Recipe is not only a quick and easy meal, it’s a budget-friendly, too.

  • Crab Cakes with Ginger and Lime

    Crab Cakes with Ginger and Lime
    Elise Bauer

    Children (and, let’s be honest, adults too) love getting their hands dirty. I put mine to work forming these Crab Cakes with Ginger and Lime. Not only do I avoid the mess on my hands, but I can also teach them about uniformity and technique in the process. A great way to complete this meal is with steamed brown rice and Stir Fried Green Beans with Ginger and Onions.

  • Easy Tuscan Bean Soup

    Tuscan Bean Soup
    Sheryl Julian

    It’s important for me to give my children an appreciation for creating meals from scratch. That said, I also want them to be practical cooks. When possible, I like to cut down on cook time (especially during the week) by using canned beans. This Easy Tuscan Bean Soup Recipe makes a wholesome dinner practical.

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  • Turkey Sloppy Joes

    Sloppy Joes with Turkey Recipe
    Nick Evans

    Why not end the week with something fun? These sloppy joes are just about as easy to make as they are fun to eat! Like the hamburger stroganoff, this is another easy (and delicious!) meal for kids to have in their repertoire.