Simply Recipes 2019 Meal Plan: July Week 4

Crisp, refreshing, and vibrant are all ways to describe this week's meal plans filled with Caesar salad, zucchini bowls, lentil salads, and more! As an extra perk, many dishes transform easily from dinner to lunch and can be eaten hot or cold!

This month, we welcome back Marta Rivera for more of her meal plans. Marta is a trained chef, mom of twins, and wife to a newly-retired soldier!

Piggybacking on last week’s whine-fest over the scorching weather, this week I’m focusing on light meals that won’t make me any more lethargic than Mother Nature is already making me feel.

Crisp, refreshing, and vibrant meals are on deck for this week’s plan (yes, even that soup!). Many of them are meals that will transform seamlessly from dinner to lunch, and which are also enjoyable hot or cold.

Focusing on lighter fare reminds me to always be on the lookout for specials on chicken breasts, salmon fillets, and other proteins that I can grill and store in my freezer for easy-to-assemble meals later on.

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Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken Recipe

Double this recipe for tomorrow’s lunch. Pour the dressing into a mason jar to dress the salad desk (or crib)-side. Toast your baguettes for dinner and tomorrow’s lunch. When you’re ready to sit down for your midday meal, give the baguette a light toast in a conventional toaster to warm it up.

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Zucchini Noodle Chicken Pesto Bowl

Switch out the chicken in this recipe for grilled salmon. The substitution adds some variety to the week. Zucchini noodles won’t weigh you down like pasta would. Store-bought or homemade pesto can also be frozen for a fast future meal.

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Summer Minestrone

Soup in the middle of the summer? It’s definitely a thing because not only does this vibrant soup use garden vegetables at their peak, but it’s also light. It’s the epitome of a quick-fix meal. Swing by your grocer’s salad bar and pick up pre-cut veggies to make it even more weeknight-friendly.

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French Lentil Salad Recipe

Salads for dinner can be very filling. This recipe is another great way to use vegetables from your garden (or local farmer’s market). Because the dressing is sans mayo, it makes this salad a “leftovers-for-lunch” superstar. The acid in the vinaigrette will wilt the greens so wait to dress it just before serving.

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frutti di mare seafood salad

Make this dish the star of a truly cooperative, al fresco Friday night dinner. Wrap up your week by inviting some pals over! Ask them to bring some bottles of rosé, a bunch of crisp baguettes, and a fruity dessert while you throw together this seafood salad.

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Marta Rivera

Marta Rivera is trained chef with over 20 years in the culinary field and the blogger behind Sense & Edibility. She graduated from the Baltimore International Culinary College with degrees in Culinary Arts and Classical Pastries. Her cookbook is Taste and See Cooks.

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