Simply Recipes 2019 Meal Plan: March Week 1

Are you trying to plan dinner and coming up short? No worries we've got you covered with this week's meal plan! Lemon Chicken, EASY Italian Sausage Spaghetti, Gnocchi and MORE!

This month, please welcome back Aaron Hutcherson and his meal plans! Aaron is a regular contributor here on Simply Recipes and the blogger behind The Hungry Hutch.

I can’t believe we’re already into March — it seems like the year just started! Though time may have gone more quickly than we might have hoped, at least that means we only have a few more measly weeks left of Old Man Winter.

This month is also when a lot of families and young adults still in school have their spring breaks. (Can we still have those as working adults?) If this applies to you, start making plans now to enjoy the time in a way that makes you happy!

I plan to try to take it easy (we’ll see how that goes), eat lots of delicious food, spend time watching trashy television on my couch, and go to the gym a couple of times for some good old-fashioned exercise (or at least make an attempt).

How do you recharge your battery after it’s been drained for a bit? Hopefully this meal plan will be a step in the right direction!

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Puerto Rican Stew with Pigeon Peas

This stew is the perfect salve for the last bit of winter. This recipe serves eight, so it'll be great to reheat for lunches later in the week.

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Lemon Chicken

Roasted chicken is one of my all-time favorite things to make when I don't really want to think about dinner, and this lemon version surely won't disappoint. Though you can use whatever cut of chicken that you want, I strongly urge you to use dark meat for a juicier result. This meal would be great with some roasted broccoli and rice.

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Gnocchi Recipe with Tomato Sauce

I love gnocchi, and this sauce recipe is the perfect way to top such a hearty and filling dinner! Make either cauliflower gnocchi or a more classic version made with potatoes! Either pairs well with a Caesar salad — just what the doctor ordered!

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Italian Sausage Spaghetti

Sometimes you just need a big bowl of spaghetti and this one comes together in a jiffy! Serve with a salad or some toasted garlic bread.

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Chicken Milanese Recipe

In my opinion, this is simply a more acceptable way for adults to eat fried chicken tenders. It would go great with some quickly roasted asparagus.

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Aaron Hutcherson

Aaron or “Hutch” is the blogger behind The Hungry Hutch, which features a delicious variety of savory and sweet recipes. He grew up in the Midwest, but has called New York City home for nearly a decade.

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  1. Shelly

    Love your weekly meal plans! It’s almost like having a personal assistant who decides what I’m going to make for the week! If only I could have someone else do the shopping!

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  2. Pam

    Absolutely love your weekly meal plans. They make life so much easier and every meal is delicious. Thank You

  3. Sally K

    I could eat Chicken Milanese weekly for a long, long time! Spaghetti is a favorite, too. Must be eaten with bread to soak up the sauce on the plate.

  4. Christine

    Thank you for the help, comes at a time when I have not idea what to cook….These are great recipes.

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