Simply Recipes 2019 Meal Plan: May Week 4

What's cooking this week?! What about easy pan-fried flank steak? Or maybe some ginger-garlic shrimp? We've got plenty of ideas to help you feed your family all week long!

This week, please welcome Rachel Knecht and her meal plans! Rachel is a recipe tester here on Simply Recipes and the blogger behind Baking with Rachel.

Up until nine years ago, my husband took care of cooking dinner and grocery shopping for our family. Sure, I made bread and cookies, but dinner? No, thanks! Then we had a life-changing move and it made sense for me to take this on. I loved eating dinner, and now it was time I learned to cook it. Once I started, I was hooked.

Following recipes is an essential part of the way I cook. Learning to read a recipe correctly is a huge bonus. Once I started following the steps correctly, cooking became much easier.

Here’s what I recommend doing:

  • First, read the ingredient list and set all the items out.
  • Then, one by one, measure and prepare each item as indicated. For example, if the recipe calls for one cup carrots, shredded, that means to wash, trim and shred a few carrots before you start cooking. Then measure out one cup and put the measured amount in a small bowl. It may seem like a lot of extra dishes to clean, but trust me, it’s worth it.
  • Once all the ingredients are prepped, read through the whole recipe. Visualize each step and look up any terms that may be unclear.

Cooking is a life-long skill, and I encourage you to dig in. This week’s meal plans include delicious, fool-proof recipes, no matter your level of cooking experience.

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pan fried flank steak

Bring steak to the weeknight dinner table with this simple and delicious recipe. The flank steak is given a quick rub and then cooked in mere minutes. Serve with Roasted Radish and Feta Salad.

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Baked Ziti

Oftentimes, we get two meals from one pan (or at least a few lunches). Each element is pre-cooked, and the dish is done when you see melted cheese! Italian sausage can be switched out for ground beef or pork. Serve with Garlic Bread.

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Paprika Chicken with Chickpeas

Chicken thighs are my favorite cut of chicken, especially when they are bone-in with the skins on. Juicy thigh meat and a short ingredient list makes this a delicious and easy meal. Serve with a side salad.

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Ginger Sesame Garlic Shrimp

I love stir fry, but sometimes the ingredient list is daunting. Not so for Ginger Sesame Garlic Shrimp. Using fresh garlic and ginger is essential when making this tasty dish. No wok? That’s okay! Use a well-seasoned cast iron skillet. Serve it over rice, and have dinner ready by the time the oil hits the pan.

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Easy Meat and Cheese-Stuffed Stromboli recipe

Stromboli is basically sandwich ingredients wrapped in pizza dough. Amazing, right?! To make things easy on yourself, let the pizza dough warm on the counter for a few minutes before rolling it out. Serve with Kale Salad with Balsamic, Pine Nuts, and Parmesan.

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Rachel Knecht

Rachel tests recipes for Simply Recipes, teaches a kid's cooking class, and develops the content for Baking with Rachel.

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  1. Karen Woodcock

    Whilst I appreciate that many recipes can be modified to make them meat-free, it would be great to see at least one vegetarian meal each week. Even meat eaters seem to appreciate a more “flexitarian” approach to family meals.

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