Simply Recipes 2019 Meal Plan: May Week 5

Slow cooker short ribs? Yes, please! Noodle bowls, spinach and artichoke pasta, baked fish and croque monsieur round out this meal planning masterpiece!

May Week 5 Meal Plan

Does cooking dinner feel like drudgery? As a child, I always loved dinner time. At 5:30 p.m. sharp my parents would call myself and three siblings to the table. Plates were set along with a tall glass of milk for each of us. We would each eat our fill and leave the table feeling satisfied.

Now as an adult, dinner is much more than merely enjoying what was set before me. Years into making nightly dinners, I do my best to find ways to keep it fun. Here's how:

  • I search for recipes and making food I’m excited about. This is part of what keeps my nightly routine interesting.
  • I also figured out the tasks that are a real downer during the pre-dinner rush and found alternate solutions. For me, this means buying shredded cheese and pre-chopped vegetables when available.
  • Lastly, I find making dinner so much more enjoyable when it’s a shared task. When possible, my husband and kids will wash the produce or set out dishes and condiments.

Dinner is not only eating a meal, but, hopefully, an enjoyable experience along the way. This week’s meal plan includes recipes that make me excited for dinner time.