Simply Recipes Meal Plan: March Week 2

It's Daylight Savings Time! This week our meal plans celebrate spring with Asparagus Risotto, Filet Mignon, Shrimp and Artichoke Pasta and MORE!

This month, please welcome back Aaron Hutcherson and his meal plans! Aaron is a regular contributor here on Simply Recipes and the blogger behind The Hungry Hutch.

One of my favorite things happening this week is Daylight Savings Time. I love it when we have a couple of hours (instead of a couple of minutes) of sunshine left after leaving the office.

I feel like I can get so much more out of the day and soaking up all of the sun’s rays gives a big boost to my attitude. Plus, selfishly, it means I have more time to take photos and share more recipes with you all — so it’s a win-win.

Next week is the start of spring, which can be a time of change and renewal for a lot of people. Try to position yourself to tackle whatever’s coming your way head on. And if you need some help, don’t be afraid to ask for it — the number of people who are willing to jump in just might surprise you!

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Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowl - Bowl with sweet potatoes, black beans, quinoa, and spinach

This is a healthy way to start the week and recover from any indulgences you may have partaken in over the weekend. Makes a great lunch for later in the week, too.

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Shrimp Artichoke Pasta

Pasta, shrimp, and veggies — what more could you ask for? I imagine all I'd need to go with this is a nice glass of chilled white wine.

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Filet Mignon with Red Wine Sauce

I've heard some people are afraid to cook steaks, but they make a quick and delicious meal. Serve with a salad or some quickly sautéed spinach.

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Easy chicken tikka masala served over basmati rice in bowl

I'm a big fan of Indian food, so this recipe is right up my alley. This dish is great served over a bed of rice, and I like to have pieces of naan bread for sopping up all the sauce.

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Asparagus Risotto

Few foods are more comforting and homey than risotto. This one makes the most of what’s in season by adding asparagus. Only one question remains: what will you drink with it? A nice mojito might do the trick.

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Aaron Hutcherson

Aaron or “Hutch” is the blogger behind The Hungry Hutch, which features a delicious variety of savory and sweet recipes. He grew up in the Midwest, but has called New York City home for nearly a decade.

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