Simply Recipes Meal Plan: March Week 4

This week our meal plans are EASY and DELICIOUS! Paella in the pressure cooker? Yes, please! Ham and Asparagus Quiche? Absolutely! Tasty Vegetarian Chili? It can be done!

Here we are again: the end of another month! Did you accomplish the things you wanted to get done? If not, I wouldn't stress too much, there's always next month. (But don't forget about taxes!)

My weekends in April have already started to fill up with conferences, my college reunion (go Bears!), and a friend's wedding, so I need to remind myself not to fill up my schedule too much ahead of that in order to conserve some energy. Thankfully they're all events that I'm looking forward to. It could certainly be worse!

Cheers to ending off the month strong — have a great week, everyone!