The Most Popular Recipes in June

Want to know what the most well-loved recipes for the month of June were? You know the ones: the recipes our Simply sous chefs (that’s you!) have been cooking, sharing, and talking about nonstop. Read on to see what made the cut!

With summer officially here, we are all turning to easy and fresh recipes. We’re starting to clear out our pantries a little and are looking forward to the garden fresh produce that’ll soon be more than abundant!

In looking back at what you all loved the most in June, it seems you were working through your supply of tuna and rice with new spins on the classics (I’m looking at you, tuna salad and vibrant turmeric rice!)

And I think it’s safe to say we were all overjoyed to see strawberries and cherries in the markets –and you celebrated by roasting those gorgeous red berries into a saucy treat. Yes, you read that right… ROASTING FRUIT!

Here’s to all the glorious bounty that summer has to offer!

Crusty sandwich bread with the best tuna salad inside. A green salad of lettuce and tomato halves is to the left on the china.

Our Cooking for Two continues to be a popular segment, and we added to it with this Classic Tuna Salad. It can easily  be customized and scaled up if needed, but it's a great way to use up that canned tuna!

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Overhead view of a summer citrus and avocado salad in a serving bowl. Mint and lettuce are also in the bowl.

Fresh and vibrant colors and flavors are the name of this salad's game. What really takes it up a notch is the crunch from the jicama! It's a hearty salad that's perfect for any summer day.

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Overhead view of vegetable fried rice with turmeric with a fried egg on top and a fork in the bowl. A second bowl is to the left.

This is another recipe that fits in our Cooking for Two series and we're absolutely positive you'll be smitten with this Indian-style fried rice. It's quick, easy, and can easily be customized to your tastes!

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Easy roasted strawberry topping spooned over a bowl of vanilla ice cream. The bowl is set on a plate with a spoon to the right. A second bowl and baking dish of strawberry topping for ice cream is behind.

Take full advantage of sweet summer strawberries by roasting them! It's the perfect topping for ice cream or yogurt, but we love it just plain. It's a sweet treat you'll be craving time and time again.

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A spoonful of aioli sauce sits above a bowl with more sauce inside.

Making aioli isn't difficult, and it's a no-brainer for any summer table. You can dip veggies or fries in it or even add it to a simple BLT sandwich. We've also added a few ways to tweak it so the possibilites are endless!

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