What’s for Dinner? 5 Meals to Beat the Winter Blues

When the doldrums of winter drag on it’s best to mix up your meal plan with a balance of comfort food classics like hanger steak with lighter meals like salmon to remind you summer isn't too far off.

Close up view of Southwest Skillet Chicken in a pot with a wooden spoon.

Kids have it too easy these days, right? It seems like every time I turn around my boys are on a school break. I only had a summer break and a two-week holiday break when I was in school.

My kids have both of these breaks plus a week for Spring Break and a week in February called Mid-Winter Break. Granted, school goes through June instead of May as it did for me. It probably all evens out.

After four dark, soggy months in PNW, I’m ready for dry desert heat and bucket loads of SUN. This week we are taking advantage of Mid-Winter Break and heading out of town to Palm Springs. This is our first time going and I am beyond excited. I plan on indulging in date shakes and soft-serve ice cream while there. We’re hoping to be able to hike without too much complaining from our Gen Z kids.

No matter what the coming week brings – rain, sun, snow or clouds – I have you covered with this week’s meals. I have a combination of simple comfort food like Hanger Steak with Shallots as well as Avocado Toasts with Fried Egg, Olives, and Smoked Paprika, which brings a dose of sunshine to the table.

I hope that these meals are a welcome dash of joy and comfort to you this week.