Cooking Tips And Techniques

No one is born knowing how to cook. We learn skill by skill, picking up smart ideas, quick tips, and cool tricks along the way.
Hand Wiping the Exterior of a Mounted Microwave
How to Clean a Microwave
Dutch Oven with Deglazed Caramelized Onions Mixed with a Wooden Spoon, and Next to It, a Bottle of White Wine for How to Deglaze a Pan
How to Deglaze a Pan
Blanched Broccoli on a Plate Surrounded by a Kitchen Towel and a Cutting Board with Heads of Broccoli for How to Blanch Broccoli
How to Blanch Broccoli
From L to R: a Tarnished Silver Fork, a Spoon With Toothpaste, and a Polished Fork on the Counter for How to Clean Silver
This Non-Toxic Household Item Is the Secret to Perfectly Polished Silver
Fried Chicken on a Wire Rack over a Baking Tray on a Kitchen Towel for How to Deep Fry
How to Deep Fry
Measuring Cup of Vinegar for Quick Pickled Radishes
Why Does Pyrex Explode, Anyway?
Browned butter in a bowl
Forget the Stove Top. This Is the Best Way To Make Brown Butter
Toasted Sesame Seeds
How to Toast Sesame Seeds
Cleaning sink with lemons
7 Things in Your Kitchen You Should Clean with Lemon, According to a Cleaning Expert
Toasted Pine Nuts
How to Toast Pine Nuts
Crispy smashed potoates
I Found the Secret for the Crispiest Smashed Potatoes Ever
Toasted Almonds on a Baking Sheet
How to Toast Almonds
Chocolate Cake in baking dish
The Brilliant Secret to the Most Tender Cake Is Already in Your Fridge
Toasted Pecans on a Tray
How to Toast Pecans
Bowl of Melted Chocolate for Candy Bar Dates
How to Melt Chocolate Chips
Toasted Walnuts on a Baking Pan
How to Toast Walnuts
Pouring grapeseed oil into a skillet
This Is the Best Way to Store Your Oils, According to a Test Kitchen Expert
Citrus with Some of the Rind Cut Off and on the Counter, a Knife and Citrus Rinds
How to Segment Citrus
Fruits and vegetables
10 Fruits and Vegetables You Should Stop Refrigerating
Negroni cocktails with campari and gin
How to Clarify Cloudy Campari
Plate of Boneless Chicken Thighs on a Cutting Board and on the Counter Next to It, a Knife
How to Debone Chicken Thighs
Pickle your roasted root vegetables
The Magical Trick That Makes Roasted Root Vegetables Twice as Nice
Perfectly round double chocolate chip cookies
2 Genius Hacks for Making Perfectly Round Cookies, According to a Pro Baker
Stock Poured from the Measuring Cup into a Pan on the Stove
Substitutes for White Wine in Cooking
Brown butter in a bowl
Brown Butter Is My Weeknight Dinner Secret Weapon
Halved Avocados on a Counter with One Whole Avocado in the Middle
How to Ripen Avocados
Woman in Blue Apron Spooning Stuffing from a Bowl to 9x13 Baking Dish
Baking Dish and Casserole Conversion Guide
Water Poured onto Coffee Grounds in a Pour Over Device and Carafe
How to Make Pour Over Coffee
Sprigs of Dried Herbs on a Wooden Cutting Board Next to More Fresh Herbs and a Roll of Twine
How to Dry Herbs
Dinner rolls in air fryer
You Can Cook Frozen Dinner Rolls in the Air Fryer
Butter on dinner rolls
A Professional Baker’s 6 Tips for Better Dinner Rolls
Frozen Dinner Rolls in zip top bag
How to Freeze and Bake Dinner Rolls
Dinner roll dough in cake pan
How to Shape Dinner Rolls
Bread Sliced for How to Revive Stale Bread
How a Clever Cook Revives Stale Bread
Water Added to Bowl of Rice (Method 2)
How to Rinse Rice
Box of Baking Soda and a Measuring Spoon Full of Baking Soda
Does Baking Soda Go Bad?
How to Keep Apple Slices from Turning Brown
How to Keep Apples from Turning Brown
Image of 4 bagged salads
How to Upgrade Salads Kits For No-Stress Summer Meals
How to Julienne Carrots
How to Julienne Carrots
Sprigs of Parsley, Rosemary, Mint, and Thyme on a Counter
How a Clever Cook Quickly Gets Herbs off the Stem
A tray of baked breaded chicken breast served with ketchup.
What Is the Difference Between Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Tenders?
Soak Pork Chops in Bowl of Brine
Easy Pork Chop Brine
How to Pan Sear Any Meat or Vegetable
How to Pan-Sear Any Meat or Vegetable
Grill Brush Used to Clean Gas Grill
How To Clean a Gas or Charcoal Grill
Adding Cans to Pot of Water for Bath Canning Method
Water Bath Canning for Beginners
Sterilizing Jars for Canning
How to Sterilize Canning Jars
Plate of salad with tomatoes, burrata, corn, and arugula
5 Rules to Follow for a Better Summer Salad
Plate on a table with a burger, corn on the cob, and slice of watermelon
10 Creative Ways to Top Your Burger This Summer
What is smoked paprika?
What Is Smoked Paprika?
How to line a loaf pan with parchment paper
How to Line Cake and Loaf Pans with Parchment
Omnivore's grill dinner party
Genevieve Taylor’s 4 Essential Grilling Tips for the Omnivore
bottom of a tub of sour cream shows expiration date
What's the Difference Between Expiration, Best-By, Sell-By, and Use-By Dates?
Food scraps in a zip-top bag
10 Essential Ways to Tackle Food Waste at Home
Frozen wine cubes slowly melting on a table
10 Foods You Didn't Know You Can Freeze
Spider strainer on a counter
The One Tool You Need for Perfect Fried Chicken at Home
Bag of rice flour in a bowl
The Secret Ingredient That Makes Southern Thai Fried Chicken So Delicious
Fried chicken in a spider
3 French Tips for the Best Fried Chicken Ever
Pasta with peso, shrimp, and beef chili
10 Ingredient Shortcuts That Every Smart Cook Should Know
Stockpot filled with starchy pasta water
Why A Clever Cook Saves Pasta Water
Egg yolks in warm milk how now to temper eggs
A Clever Cook Does Not Temper Egg Yolks