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  1. Danika Mininger

    I was so encouraged by this article! You see my mom had five kids, no husband and 2 or 3 jobs at a time. She is a really good cook, but didn’t have the time to do much teaching. I remember her making homemade bread and soups, and she made us a real breakfast nearly every morning after getting off the night shift.
    I am stretched out on the couch at nearly 11pm looking for some good recipes to feed my own kids next week. I was up at 6am and made dinner for 150 people at church tonight. It is important to me that my girls eat well and learn to cook, but sometimes it is very hard in the thick of it as I am now. I’m tired, Elise. My feet and back hurt. Reading your lovely article about your mom and reading all the comments I was encouraged to not give up the fight. Thank you so much!!

  2. Herb

    Like a lot of people, I learned to cook from my Mom.
    As soon as I was old enough to tell time, she was teaching me how to cook. When I grew up, there were no digital clocks. I had to learn the big hand, little hand method.
    Once I could tell time, my Mom would prepare a meal the night before & write me a note with cooking instructions.
    So, about age 7-8, I was actually cooking dinner.
    Baked potatoes & meatloaf were the easiest for me to cook.
    I spent a lot of time learning to shop for groceries and picking out the best produce from my Mom also.
    Mom turned 83 this year & she’s still going strong.
    Today, I am a somewhat accomplished cook thanks to my Mom & her patience in teaching me something she enjoyed.
    Part of her will live on thru my & my kids because I kept the family traditions going all these years.
    If you are lucky enough to still have your Mom, listen to her & get all the family recipes while you still can. Thankfully, I got her prized recipe box while she is still here to see me enjoy making the old family recipes today.

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  3. Virginia Kaser

    Loved the picture of your mom! My mom taught me a few things about cooking, but mostly let me learn on my own, as she had. #1. If something is salty, add a wee bit of sugar; if something is sweet, add a wee bit of salt. #2. If you can’t think of what to cook for dinner, just start sauteing some onions. The aroma will soon inspire you.

  4. anna*

    My dad basically taught my mom to cook so this list for me would be mostly “cooking advice from dad” but similar :)

    I’d add, start teaching your kids young. From PB&J or other sandwiches to pasta and things on the stove to the oven…. I couldn’t believe how many of my friends in college didn’t know how to cook anything besides frozen foods.

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  5. Laura

    What a nice tribute to your mom. My mom basically only cooked things that my dad liked so it wasn’t until I met my boyfriend (now husband) that I even ate/cooked broccoli! One piece of advice I give to everyone now, which isn’t really a cooking tip, but will save much clean-up is if you are pouring something into a cup or container, do it over the sink. This is especially helpful if pouring oil or honey or even confectioners sugar. It’s so easy to clean up a messy sink!

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