No ImageCrispy, Golden Turkey Skin: 4 Methods Put to the Test (and One Winner!)

  1. Marlene

    I’m excited to try Chicken No. 4/5 for Christmas dinner. My question is do you defrost the turkey in your fridge completely before letting it air dry for 24 hours? That could take a few days to get ready…

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  2. Alison

    Hi- Im making a turkey breast this year since it is only 4 of us. Quick question- when I usually let my turkey go into the refrigerator to dry out uncovered, I usually only put on salt. You are suggesting adding olive oil into the mix of salt/spices. Won’t the oil on top of the skin prevent it from drying the skin so it crisps up? I would think the oil would hold in the moisture on the skin? thanks so much.

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  3. Martin

    I’ve done just under 40 turkeys in the past 21 years (two for Thanksgiving in most years) and swear by the Reynolds bag method which produces a superb skin. Opening the oven every 20 minutes is an insane waste of time and energy as the temperature goes down like a rock every time.

  4. Gina

    You MUST, MUST, MUST try cooking the bird breast side down. This has been my go to absolute fail proof method to get the juiciest birds since I was 12! It was a mistake that happened when an emergency happened, and my parents had to go out of town late the night before thanksgiving . I Loved to cook and decided that Thanksgiving would not be ruined or put off for a day, And to surprise my family, I went to work. I kind of knew what to do, and knew how to make stuffing and mashed potatoes. ( if you helped cook and cleaned the turkey, you were exempt from dish duty.
    Well, they were so surprised and I Was so proud. My mother didn’t tell me at the time that the turkey was “upside down.” As she wanted me to have all the feels. But, when everyone cut into it and it was THE juiciest we had all ever had, she told me about it being wrong side up. From that moment on… breast side down. All the dark meat on top sends juice down to the breast, breast is just like a tender cup of meat holding all the juices. You don’t get that pretty Martha Stewart golden breast, but, theres tons of crispy skin and we carve and serve it up sliced. Please tell me you will try!

  5. Clinton

    I agree with seasoning the bird well with butter, kosher salt, pepper and thyme. I like butter better than olive oil. I make a paste with the seasonings spreading the mixture under the skin as well cover the outside. Then place in frig for 24 hours. Remove from frig and let warm up for an hour before baking in 425 deg oven to 150 deg temp. Let the bird rest for 30 minutes before carving. I love this method. Try it, you quite possibly will like it!

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