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  1. Amie

    Hi Elise, Do you know why the mango sorbet recipe calls for sugar and water instead of sugar syrup? I assume it’s because it’s one less step since you throw everything in the blender, but how do the sugar granules melt that way? Wouldn’t that make for grainy sorbet?

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  2. Gourmet Peasant

    I got my ice cream maker a month and a half ago and have been churning away ever since. The recipes in this book are superior to any others I have tried – and in this short amount of time I have tried a lot of recipes. The vanilla is perfect, the coffee…OMG, and the Lemon Speculoos is entirely too dangerous to keep in the house. Lets just say I am going to have to greatly increase my exercise in order to get through all these recipes :)

  3. Claire

    I love ice cream, I love David Lebovitz and I love Paris. A new ice cream maker and this book are on my must buy list. The last, alas, will have to wait, so thank you for including the cute video! I hope he’s included a recipe for mango ice cream as literally hundreds are about to start falling off my tree.

  4. Judy

    I am sitting here waiting not so patiently for the UPS guy to deliver Davids book. Now after reading your post, I am not so patiently is changing to chopping at the bit waiting for the UPS guy which is usually here by 10:00 and I have 3 minutes to go….I’m definitely trying a recipe this weekend for Easter dessert.

  5. bean

    I got my copy yesterday. His recipes always turn out wonderfully. I got an ice cream maker last year and had a really hard time finding good recipes for ice cream. Looking forward to working my way through this book. The Passionfruit ice cream is first on my list!!

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