Dinner, Made Easy: Introducing Relish!

Are you suffering from dinner overwhelm? Tough to find time to pull it all off? Well then, you're going to love Relish, a new way to shop for groceries by recipe and have them delivered right to your door!

How to Grocery Shop with Kids Without Losing Your Mind

Here at Simply Recipes, one of our biggest goals is to make it easier for YOU to get dinner on the table. We do that through great recipes, weekly meal plans, and handy tips — and now we’re doing it for your grocery shopping, too.

Introducing Relish

Relish is an all-in-one service that helps you create a shopping list from your favorite Simply Recipes meals and shop for ingredients online to have groceries delivered to your door.

No more adding up how much milk you’ll need for three different recipes or trying to figure out how many carrots you need to make a cup. Relish takes care of it! Relish is your personal assistant. Choose the recipes, it does everything else.

How Does It Work?

Using Relish is easy! Here’s how to give it a go:

1. Sign In!

Start by clicking the “Add to Shopping List” button at the bottom of any recipe:

Now you’ll see the "Relish window" open, and there will be a Sign In button in the top-left corner of the screen.

Tap that button and sign in using Google, Facebook, or your email address. That’s it! As long as you sign in the same way whenever you use Relish, your recipes will be remembered wherever you go, on any device.

2. Pick a Grocery Delivery Service

Next, check to see if your favorite grocery delivery service is in our system, or sign up for one in your area. Currently, we’re connected to grocery delivery through Instacart, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Prime Now/Whole Foods, Shipt, and several local services, with more being added all the time.

To pick your service, look at the “Shop Ingredients” button in the lower-right corner of the screen. Tap the down arrow on the button and you’ll see a list of grocery delivery services available in your area. Select the one you want to use and your choice will be remembered for future visits. (You can also change services at any time.)

3. Time to shop!

Once you’ve got your ingredient list set, it’s time to get those ingredients to your front door! You have two options:

If you’re shopping online, hit the “Shop Ingredients” button and you’ll be taken to the grocery delivery provider you selected earlier. All your ingredients will be automatically added to your cart. You can make choices about which specific ingredients you want to order, which grocer you want to use, and schedule your groceries for delivery or pick-up.

Don’t want to shop online? That’s fine! You can use Relish as your shopping list, either on your phone or by printing out your list.

If you’re headed to the store, either keep Relish open on your phone so you can check off ingredients as you find them, or print out your list using the print button in the top-left corner (next to the “x”)

Other Relish Perks

  • Add some more recipes! Ok, you’ve got one recipe in your box, now go add some more! Close out of this Relish screen to go back to Simply Recipes and find more recipes you want to make this week! Add ingredients by tapping the “Add to Shopping List” button on any recipe.
  • Also add recipes from our partner sites! You can also add recipes from our partner sites Serious Eats, Two Peas & Their Pod, Foodiecrush, Recipe Girl, and Key Ingredient. As long as you’re signed into the same account, all your recipe selections will be saved.
  • Adjust your shopping list: Done picking recipes? Now go back into Relish (just tap “Add to Shopping List” from any recipe you’ve chosen) and take a look at what you’ve got. Here, you can adjust the number of portions for any recipe and remove ingredients you already have.
  • Relish automatically tallies all the ingredients from your recipes so you know exactly how many onions or cartons of chicken broth you’ll need for all your cooking this week.
Tomato salsa ingredients

What Will You Do With the Time You'll Save?

Relax! Now you just get to sit back, relax, and wait for your groceries to be delivered. Or get some laundry done. Or play with your kids. Whatever you want – the day is yours!

Questions? Comments? Let us know! This is a new product, and we’re always looking for ways to make it better. Your feedback helps!