No ImageDinner, Made Easy: Introducing Relish!

  1. Larry

    I love the idea! Sadly, I can’t use the service because I live in a small town in the beautiful north Georgia mountains. So far, our Walmart doesn’t have this type of shopping service.

  2. Sherry Harris

    I love this idea! I really enjoy cooking, but I need all the help I can get because meal planning and grocery shopping has become utterly exhausting for me due to a chronic health condition. I’ve been a single mom for 15 years and my cooking activities have slowed as my child has grown up. He’s now 20 and is barely at the house anymore. However, tomorrow my partner and I are moving in together, so this is perfect timing, as I’ve been looking forward to cooking now that someone else will be there to enjoy meals with me.

    BTW, I’ve been subscribed and trying out recipes from this site for over ten years now, maybe even 15 years if it’s been around that long. Simply Recipes was my go-to website for great recipes way back when it was just Elise, and I’ve continued to enjoy the offerings from additional folks and other benefits as the website has grown. Thank you Elise et al for such a well-done and helpful website. Warm regards!

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  3. Kent

    This blogs help us a lot.especially for us need time to relax after work and need bonding to our love ones.

  4. Amber

    I wonder if it’s costly?

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  5. Ronda

    Sounds amazing!!!

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