11 Drink Recipes to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with these 11 festive cocktails, mocktails, and shakes.

13 Drink Recipes to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

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St. Patrick’s Day is a convivial holiday celebrating the Irish saint, which now reaches so far beyond Ireland and its people, you’ll hear some say that everyone’s a little Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.

While the holiday is celebrated by all ages and there are many foods associated with it, from soda bread to corned beef and cabbage, for many, it’s primarily a day where cocktails are at the forefront. But if you only associate the holiday with mugs of green beer—stop right there! We’ve got plenty of other options that won’t turn your tongue green (and maybe one that will).

From whiskey to coffee to a green shake piled high with whipped cream, check out our picks below to toast this beloved holiday. Sláinte!

  • Copycat Shamrock Shake

    McDonald’s Shamrock Shake with green sprinkles.
    Elana Lepkowski

    If you’re looking for a booze-free drink with a green-hue to celebrate with, make it a shamrock shake. This classic fast food-inspired copycat version uses just a handful of quality ingredients to get that smooth and creamy minty flavor. And you can always add in a little Irish cream liqueur too.

  • Brown Sugar Irish Coffee

    Two Glasses of Irish Coffee topped with whipped cream
    Garrett McCord

    Start (or end) your day with this sweet twist on a traditional Irish Coffee. Brown sugar adds some caramel notes to your drink that pairs well with Irish whiskey. And don’t skimp on the whipped cream, it’s tradition.

  • Gold Rush Cocktail

    Two Gold rush cocktails with ice on a wood background.
    Alison Bickel

    Looking for a pot of gold this St. Patrick’s Day? Well, try your luck with the gold rush cocktail! Honey gives this whiskey cocktail an earthy sweetness with a luscious viscosity. The bright citrus notes offer some tang to balance that sweetness out as well. And edible gold sugar rims wouldn’t be out of place on this special occasion.

  • Grasshopper Cocktail

    Grasshopper Cocktail
    Elise Bauer

    Do you prefer to have a green drink today? The grasshopper cocktail is a minty, creamy, green drink best indulged on special occasions. Most liquor stores will carry the classic green-colored crème de menthe, but many specialty stores can offer a clear version with no dye.

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  • Espresso Martini

    Side view of an Espresso Martini Drink on a marble background.
    Lori Rice

    If you’re looking for a jolt of caffeine today, but shy away from the whiskey or prefer not to drink your cocktail hot, this Espresso Martini with real brewed espresso is what you need. Made with coffee liqueur as well as the espresso, it will perk you up no matter the time of day.

  • Mojito Cocktail

    Mojito recipe made with mint, lime, and simple syrup
    Elise Bauer

    Another option for green drinks is the naturally verdant mojito. A refreshing cocktail on hot days, this minty, rum-based drink still works in the cold days of March. The secret to a perfect mojito here is infusing the rum and straining the mint, you can even blitz it in a blender for a party!

  • White Russian/Mudslide Cocktail

    Swirling cream in a white russian cocktail
    Alison Bickel

    Everyone knows the classic White Russian cocktail (many due to the movie The Big Lebowski), but did you know that, if you swap the cream out for Irish Cream, you’ve got a Mudslide cocktail? This creamy, boozy drink gets a subtle hint of chocolate from the Irish Cream, and a higher proof means it packs more punch. Make it extra with a few chocolate shavings on top.

  • Whiskey Sour Cocktail

    Whiskey sour cocktail with egg white foamy top
    Nancy Mitchell

    While drinking Irish Whiskey straight or on the rocks is a perfectly acceptable way to celebrate the holiday, if you’d like something a little more silky smooth and sippable, the whiskey sour cocktail is a bright, flavorful option. If you give a side-eye to raw egg whites, pasteurized carton egg whites will work too, just make sure they are pure egg whites or they won’t give that pillowy top to the drink.

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  • Chocolate Lark Cocktail

    Low-proof cocktail in a coupe glass with a black salted rim. Lime, bitters and a bottle are in the background.
    Sam Schick

    In need of a low-proof cocktail that feels super special for a party, and has chocolate? The chocolate lark is a sweet alternative to the more boozier drinks one might indulge in today. Vermouth and sherry form the base alongside crème de cacao for a balanced sipper.

  • Chocolate Sidecar

    Sidecar drink with chocolate in a coupe glass with a second glass behind it. Ingredients for the cocktails are behind the glass.
    Sam Schick

    Another chocolate cocktail with a heftier ABV is this chocolate sidecar. Smooth, nutty, and a balanced hit of chocolate, this is not a dessert cocktail, but a more refined cocktail for a low-key St. Patrick’s Day party.

  • Panaché/ Shandy

    Elise Bauer

    Beer will always have a place on St. Patrick’s Day, but if you’d like something a little lighter and more refreshing than a pint of Guinness, a panaché or shandy as it’s known over in Ireland—is an easy beer cocktail to make and serve. Light beer is topped off with citrus soda served over ice for a low-ABV drink. And if you need a little Guinness today, try some in brownies!