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  1. Lisa L

    Love my morning coffee!

  2. Christine Ellison

    I must start every morning with a freshly made piccolo latte.

  3. Lori

    Decaf with a little cream- it’s what’s for breakfast!

  4. Barbara

    Good luck to all

  5. Barbara

    Would love to win

  6. Lana

    What a great giveaway! We would love to try this coffee.

  7. Ann Duncan

    I am all about a good cup of black coffee in the morning. The best is on the weekends when I can look at my garden.

  8. meran ahmad

    I think this sample so sweet

  9. Nancy Williams

    My favorite coffee drink is a combination of things; atmosphere, vessel, and brew. I like a cozy comfortable atmosphere like a front porch, secluded nook, or a comfy rocker in front of a fire; I like my coffee vessel to bring delight and beauty to my hands and eyes that tickle my heart, like a matching cup and saucer with floral roses and flecks of gold or a sturdy hand thrown mug with perfectly imperfect flaws; I like my brew to be rich and smooth without a bitter bite or oily base. This is my coffee lovers delight, the perfect combination to compliment my complex heart and overwhelm my sensitive senses. May you all find you balance and place in your brew!!!!

  10. Lisa Wescott

    Love this coffee and hope to win!

  11. Gracie

    Coffee in the morning is a must – whether it’s french press or instant, yes I do go there with instant coffee! I love coffee in my milk meaning I add a heck of a lot of milk to my coffee.

  12. sillygirl

    My morning drink is coffee flavored milk with some brown sugar for sweetness – not too much – fixed the night before and icy cold.

  13. Maurine

    I’ve been doing chemo every Monday for a few months and befor I leave the house I have to have a cup of coffee, and it tastes so good!

  14. Carolsue

    As I said in Facebook (Carolsue Anderson) and Instagram (@Cezovski9) the kind of coffee I like in the morning is Morning blend with a little vanilla creamer!

  15. Beate

    I have drunk coffee my entire life. It does not effect me any kind of way. I love it. I drank an African coffee in the Netherlands called Rosta, it was wonderful, good and strong. Yum. I live on coffee, and live on social security, coffee for a year is a dream come true…..

  16. SBC

    Favorite morning drink is a cup of drip coffee with a splash heavy whipping cream and exactly one sugar cube. It’s why I get out of bed.

  17. Alexandra

    We love to drink coffee in the morning, it’s the best way to start in the day! We would like to test this great coffee!

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