One Simply Terrific Thing: Epicurean Cutting Boards

My favorite cutting board! Lightweight, non-porous, and super durable.

epicurean cutting board

Welcome to One Simply Terrific Thing, our ongoing series highlighting the small tools and kitchen goods that make life better!

I was recently looking around my kitchen and thinking about the products that have stood the test of time - items we've had for five, ten, fifteen years, that have really held up, despite being used constantly: our burr coffee grinder, which has been grinding away every morning for the last decade; our 12-year-old 12-inch Lodge cast iron pan, which remains a cooking workhorse; and these small Duralex glasses, which have made it through two small kids and countless breakfasts and water breaks.

And another item that makes the list? Our Epicurean cutting boards.

I've had two of these 14.5" x 11.25" cutting boards for over 11 years, and am such a fan I've given them as gifts to every member of my family.

Epicurean cutting boards ($24.95+) are made in the USA of Richlite paper composite, which sounds like a strange material for a cutting board (it did to me at first), but it promises to be non-porous (no smells!), heat-resistant up to 350 degrees, dishwasher safe, and basically, super durable.

All of which is totally true, readers, as I have discovered in the 10+ years I've owned them. Epicurean boards are a bit harder on my knives than an end grain wooden cutting board, but I still prefer them over a plastic board.

I also love how light the boards are! They're so easy to pick up, move around, wash, and store. They now come in an array of neutral colors in all shapes and sizes, and you can even buy a non-slip version, which would be nice. Over time the board develops a patina from all the knife marks. I like this look and have never polished it, but I'm now thinking it might be time to get the board butter and really spiff them back up!

Cheers to good tools!

Product and Lifestyle Director