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  1. Stella

    I have a fig tree in yard… is full and ready to drop in the next month….I need ideas as to what to do with them all…I don’t preserve or can so I would like a simple jam recipe

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  2. Deborah Laing

    I’m happy to have found all of your ideas. Thanks. Puree black figs to make the best bbq sauce ever.

  3. Vonda Clark

    My husband and I are blessed with too many figs . We have the large yellow figs and the tree has been so loaded , I just located your recipe site and am looking forward to trying some of them. Tho I wish I could share them with some of the readers whose posts I’ve read who are not as blessed with figs. We live in a small community have tried to give them away. we live in North East Texas and it is good fig growing area. Thanks for the recipes.

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  4. Meghna

    I love fig and always keep on trying the different ways to include this healthy food in my diet:)

  5. Phil

    Here in SC we have one tree that supplies us and many neighbors. Our chickens can’t wait for one to get too ripe and hit the ground. They are like kids in a candy store.

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