No ImageHeidi Swanson – Super Natural Cooking

  1. Karina

    I love Heidi’s cookbooks. Full of style, good taste, and good eats. Beautiful.

  2. Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

    Just saw this lovely book in Anthropologie… was instantly enamoured, so I googled to find out more. Thanks for the great review! Looking forward to getting a copy and cooking away.

  3. Tri

    Wow. I just recently changed a lot of my eating habits to try to incorporate more nutritious food in my diet (whole grains, cutting out sugar, eating more veggies). This book looks awesome. I can’t wait to purchase it.

  4. gilly

    Hi Elise – wow, what a co-incidence – I JUST received my copy in the mail yesterday! It looks wonderful, and I can’t wait to get my hands on some quinoa/corn flours to try her crepes!

  5. Ann

    I just bought Heidi’s book after I saw her in Chicago and immediately started scheming about which recipe to make first. I tried the Risotto-Style Barley, made with pearl barley instead of rice. It was really a great texture, with the crunch of walnuts and some soft orange segments. The book will really help me use up all those intriguing ingredients I bought with good intentions and haven’t figured out how to cook yet.

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