Holiday And Seasonal Recipes

We mark holidays with cooking and baking traditions. King Cake for Mardi Gras, truffles at Valentine’s Day, cookouts on Labor Day. We have a whole calendar of cherished recipes to share with you for the seasonal occasions you love.

Explore Holidays and Seasons

Baked Brie
Easy Baked Brie in Puff Pastry
How to make scalloped potatoes
Creamy Scalloped Potatoes
Gougeres Cheddar Cheese Puffs
Cheddar Cheese Puffs
Coconut Banana Cream Pie
Coconut Banana Cream Pie
Orange Breakfast Rolls in a Baking Pan and on Small Plates Next to Glasses of Orange Juice and a Bowl of Orange Slices
Orange Breakfast Rolls
Mugs of Butterbeer Topped with Whipped Cream
Homemade Butterbeer
Glass of Gin and Tonic with Limes and a Straw, Surrounded by a Bottle of Gin, Cans of Tonic, and Lime Wedges
Gin and Tonic
Flutes of Peach Belini Cocktail
Peach Bellini Cocktails
Bowl of Tomatillo Avocado Salsa Surrounded by Tomatillos, Lime Wedges, and Jalapeños
Tomatillo Avocado Salsa
Plate of Lamb Skewers with Epis Served with Arugula
Grilled Lamb Skewers with Haitian Epis
Salted Caramel Brownies
Caramel Brownies
Cups of Dirt Cake with Gummy Worms
Dirt Cake
Bowl of Quick and Easy Sesame Peanut Noodles
Sesame Peanut Noodles
Bowl of Creamy One Pot Pasta with Zucchini
Creamy One Pot Pasta with Zucchini
Two Pieces of Whipped Ricotta Toast Topped with Lemon-Thyme Honey Next to a Bowl of More Honey
Easy Whipped Ricotta Toast
Plate of Whole Grilled Eggplant Next to a Platter of More Eggplant and an Oil Dispenser
Whole Grilled Eggplant
Bowl of Green Salad with Fresh Herbs and Red Wine Vinaigrette with Serving Utensils
Green Salad with Fresh Herbs and Red Wine Vinaigrette
Glasses of Grapefruit Shandy Garnished with Mint and Grapefruit Wedge Surrounded by Grapefruit Wedges and Citrus Reamer
Grapefruit Shandy
Pepperoni Rolls on a Plate with Bowl of Marinara in Background
Pepperoni Rolls
Corn and Ricotta Bruschetta
Corn and Ricotta Bruschetta
Glasses of Strawberry Eton Mess with Spoons
Strawberry Eton Mess
Strawberry Pretzel Pie in Pie Dish with a Slice on a Plate
Strawberry Pretzel Pie
Braised Short Ribs with Root Beer BBQ Sauce on a Plate with a Bowl of Mashed Potatoes
Braised Short Ribs with Root Beer BBQ Sauce
Bowl of Shrimp and Chorizo Chowder Topped with Parsley and Slices of Toasted Baguette
Shrimp and Chorizo Chowder
Gingersnap Pavlova with Cranberry Sauce Sitting on a Wooden Cake Stand, Surrounded by a Bowl of More Sauce, a Bowl with Cranberries, and a Plate with Gingersnaps
Gingersnap Pavlova with Cranberries
Spoonful of Fermented Elderberries on a Counter with the Syrup in a Bottle in the Background
Fermented Elderberry Syrup
Monkey Bread on a Cake Stand with Pieces of Bread Broken Off
Monkey Bread
Stemless Wine Glass with Mulled Wine and Orange Slices on a Black Tray with Mandarin Orange Slices, Mandarin Oranges, and a Jar of Mulling Spices
Mulling Spices
Sweet and Sour Cabbage Soup in a Large Pot with Some Raised Up Using a Wooden Spoon, and Surrounding the Pot, a Kitchen Linen and a Stack of Bowls with Utensils
Sweet and Sour Cabbage Soup
Serving of Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad with Lemony Breadcrumbs in a Bowl with a Fork Next to a Larger Bowl with More, a Bowl with Shredded Parmesan, and a Glass
Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad
Cacio e Pepe Brussels Sprouts Stalk on a Platter with Lemon Wedges
Cacio e Pepe Brussels Sprouts Stalk
Plate of Chocolate Covered Orange Peels Next to a Tray with More
Chocolate Covered Orange Peels
Pot of Easy Beef Stew with a Wooden Spatula, a Small Bowl of Parsley, a Sprig of Thyme, and a Kitchen Towel
Easy Beef Stew
Bowl of Vegan Butternut Squash Soup Topped with Thyme, Coconut Milk, Croutons, and Cracked Pepper, Sitting on a Kitchen Linen and Surrounded by a Bowl of Cracked Pepper and a Spoon
Vegan Butternut Squash Soup
Bowl of Roasted Root Vegetable Panzanella Surrounded by a Slices of Bread, Vase of Flowers, Utensils, and a Kitchen Linen
Roasted Root Vegetable Panzanella
Bowl of Kale and Farro Salad with Spiced Candied Pecans with a Pair of Salad Servers
Kale and Farro Salad with Spiced Candied Pecans
Cranberry Tangerine Shrub in a Drink Topped with Ice, Sparkling Water, and Cranberries Surrounded by More Cranberries, a Peeled Tangerine, and a Tray with Drink Supplies
Cranberry Tangerine Shrub
Dumplings recipe ladled in a bowl.
Chicken and Dumplings
Pot Roast
The Best Pot Roast
Overhead view of a dutch oven with braised oxtails inside for an oxtail recipe.
Glazed Oxtails
Oxtail Stew
Oxtail Stew
Baked Apples
Baked Apples
Perfectly tender crock pot roast piled onto a gray plate with carrots and potatoes and covered in gravy.
Slow Cooker Pot Roast
A piece of eggplant moussaka on a plate with a glass of wine and a salad behind it.
Stovetop Braised German Red Cabbage in a bowl
Sweet and Sour German Red Cabbage
Seville Orange Marmalade
Seville Orange Marmalade
Italian Meatballs in Tomato Sauce served in a bowl
Italian Meatballs
Four gluten free Smothered Pork Chops with Gravy in a skillet with a sprig of rosemary on top set against a blue background.
Easy Smothered Pork Chops
Braised Lamb Shanks
Braised Lamb Shanks
Coq au Vin
Coq au Vin
Irish stew with beef, carrots, and potatoes, Guinness and wine served in a bowl
Irish Beef Stew
Ham and Potato Soup
Ham and Potato Soup
How to Make Chili without Beans
Easy No-Bean Chili
Honey, ginger, and lemon in Penicillin cocktail recipe
Penicillin Cocktail
A platter with pork shoulder, carrots and potatoes.
Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder With Apple Gravy
Cranberry Nut Bread
Cranberry Orange Nut Bread
Vegetarian pot pie on white plate.
Vegetable Pot Pie
Roasted Kabocha Squash Soup
Roasted Kabocha Squash Soup
Scalloped Potatoes with Caramelized Onions and Gruyere
Scalloped Potatoes with Caramelized Onions and Gruyere
Carbonnade Beef and Beer Stew
Carbonnade Beef and Beer Stew