How to Store Ginger

Here’s how to store fresh ginger, whether whole roots, chopped, or grated, to make it last.

Fresh ginger root stored in a plastic bag on a wooden cutting board

Alison Bickel

Of all produce, fresh ginger root is one of the least demanding to store. With just a little storage know-how, you’ll be able to keep slicing, grating, and mincing fresh ginger for weeks!

What Is Ginger?

First of all, ginger isn’t really a root. It’s the rhizome (or swollen underground stem) of a tropical plant. Ginger rhizomes grow in sprawling formations, leading to the market term “hand of ginger” for a large, knobby cluster.

You can buy ginger fresh or dried. Dried ginger is usually ground, but sometimes it’s sold in intact individual dried segments.

When shopping, look for ginger root that’s firm, not shriveled.

Fresh ginger in a plastic bag on a wooden cutting board

Alison Bickel

How to Store Fresh Ginger

Refrigerate fresh, whole, unpeeled ginger in an airtight plastic bag in the crisper drawer. The airtight bag keeps out oxygen and moisture, two things that will cause ginger to mold.

Whole, unpeeled ginger root kept in this way in the fridge can last up to two months. Not too shabby!

How to Store Peeled or Minced Ginger

Maybe you went a little crazy and peeled more ginger root than you needed. Don’t fret! Just wrap the peeled root in plastic and refrigerate up to a week.

Some people swear by keeping peeled ginger root in a jar of vodka in the refrigerator. If you do this, it’ll last up to 8 weeks.

Leftover minced ginger can be refrigerated in a tightly covered jar for up to a week.

Can You Freeze Ginger?

Freezing ginger is a great option when you don't use ginger that often, but would like to have it on hand.

To freeze ginger, wrap it in plastic (if freezing a large hand, break it into smaller knobs) then freeze it up to 6 months. You can choose to peel the ginger first or leave the peel on. Either way, there’s no need to thaw the ginger if you’re going to be grating it.

You can also freeze minced ginger in ice cube trays. One the ginger cubes are frozen, pop them out, put them in a zip top bag, and use within 3 months.