How Can I Save All My Favorite Recipes From Your Site?

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Have you been wondering how you can save all your favorite meals from Simply Recipes? Wonder no more! Here's a quick rundown.


READER QUESTION: How can I save my favorite recipes from your site, and how do I access them later?

Saving your favorite recipes on our site has become super easy! 

For those who are new to “saving recipes,” here’s a quick explanation to get you started:

  1. Basically, all you need to do is click the red Save Itbutton at the top of the recipe post (it has a star on it too).
  2. This will pop up a window (the “Relish” window). This window has a bunch of simple functions that I’ll describe later, but first…
  3. To make sure your “Saved Recipes” stay saved, you will need to create an account (if you haven’t already), or be sure you’re logged in. There is a big button in the top left corner that says, Sign In. Once you click that, you’ll be prompted to sign in either with Google, Facebook, or you can create an account with your e-mail address. 

Once you’re signed in, all your Saved Recipes will be there waiting for you whenever you need them. You can always easily get back to your saved recipes by clicking the green star “Saved” icon at the top of any page on Simply Recipes.

Now, for a little more about this “Relish Window” that you’ll be lookin’ at. On the left, you’ll see any recipes that you’ve saved, and on the right side is a shopping list of ingredients for any recipes that you have selected. You can select or deselect recipes with that little circular icon on the far left side next to your recipes, with a shopping cart symbol (green is selected, gray is not).

So, when you’re planning your next trip to the grocery store, you can simply select the recipes you plan to make, uncheck the ingredients that you already have on hand or don’t need, and make your shopping list. From there, you have two options:

  1. Click the Printer icon in the top right corner next to the “x” to print out a physical copy of your list.
  2. OR you can shop for the ingredients online for delivery or pickup (depending on your available local services).

Another quick tip: If the recipe has some alternative ingredients/substitutions, you can click “modify” below the recipe to change what ingredients you’re shopping for.

For more information on how to SHOP with Relish, check out this post all about Relish

~ Andy, Art Director and designated back-up tech support

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Andy Christensen

Andy Christensen is the Art Director for Simply Recipes. He has enjoyed working in several publishing industries for over a decade including cooking, children’s educational books, tabletop gaming, and comics. Andy enjoys most anything that involves a good story, and is passionate about creating art in many forms. He lives in Minneapolis, MN with his wife and 2 kids.

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No ImageHow Can I Save All My Favorite Recipes From Your Site?

  1. Paula

    I just click the print option on the recipe and when the print driver page comes up I change the destination to PDF file and “print” it to my Recipes folder in my Documents folder. This works fine for a laptop – not so appropriate if you are on a smart phone or tablet.

  2. Tim

    I use Paprika Recipe Manager. Very easy to add recipes and tag them with appropriate filters. Biggest thing is not adding too many “aspirational” recipes otherwise it gets a bit overwhelming but filters + ratings can overcome most of this issue.

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  3. Doris G.

    I mail them to myself and then transfer to my recipe folder in the mail series.

  4. Ellie Farkas

    I carefully check out each recipe, if I lREALLY like it I click print and add it to my MAKE THIS RECIPE folder. Thx

  5. Tara

    I just put them in my personal folder in my email. I put all recipes in there from various sites that I take a shine too.

Ask the team Andy ChristensenHow Can I Save All My Favorite Recipes From Your Site?