No ImageHow to Choose the Best Food Storage Containers

  1. sue

    I have glass rectangles with the locking lids for meal prep and they do go in the freezer as well. For leftovers like soups and chili or stew, I use mason jars for the refrigerator and the freezer..

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  2. Heidi

    Agree with Shirley about Lock and Lock! Fantastic product. More shapes, sizes, and colors than you can imagine. Great for pantry storage, leftovers and more. They stack into each other to save space and some do have interchangeable lids for different height products. Can find on amazon but QVC has best variety and options, far more than amazon. I like tupperware too. Reusing yogurt containers, etc is fine but not airtight and not safe to reheat in.

  3. Shirley

    I only shop QVC because they have the really best containers. The also have glass and plastic with the snap down sides that they guarantee. The are freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe and their glass is oven safe. They also have easy pay and take all credit cards. Don’t get locked into something you don’t trust. Check In the Kitchen with David on QVC Sundays at 9: 00 am. They have something with Lock and Lock every week.

  4. Marlena

    This is all lovely, but ecologically I prefer to re-use yogurt, etc. containers.

  5. Winn

    Personally, I just use mason jars!

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