No ImageHow to Grocery Shop with Kids & Keep Your Cool


    I really never had that problem. I didn’t take them. They stayed at home with their father or an aunt. These days its wonderful. YOU CAN ORDER GROCERIES ONLINE AT WALMART , SELECT DAY AND TIME YOU WANT TO PICK THEM UP. AND SOMEONE BRINGS THEM RIGHT TO YOUR CAR. ITS WONDERFUL. you can select all the items you want, get a running total as you shopping so you don’t go over your budget. now I sit with my laptop a cup of coffee and grocery shop without stress, no more waiting in lines .

  2. Benedicte

    I have three young boys and I have been using all these tricks with success. It’s best, if you can, to time it right. Not a good trip to the grocery store if mom is hungry or if it’s really hot outside! The notepad works wonders with us. Choosing pasta shapes, too :-) I verbalize a lot of my thoughts to « walk » my boys through the decision making process, « this is definitely a treat, not a food. » or « I’m so glad spring onions are back, what else is in season? » Recently my sons have started to get interested in the price of things and a calculator comes in handy.

  3. Chris S.

    Katie, these are fantastic tips! Wish I’d had these at my disposal when raising my kids. A couple of them I actually did by sheer instinct, but all of them look good and would have been a huge help. I love the way you suggest engaging kids with decisions (such as establishing where the changeover point will be between siblings pushing the cart (empowers them to say hey, it’s time!). All in all, these would make grocery shopping with kids fun rather than a battle.

  4. Lili

    Katie – I loved your take on grocery shopping with little guys. I absolutely agree with the first commandment on your list: lay down the law. I adopted a rule early on. The child designated to get treats like the toys in the cereal box also got to do all the chores that week; that child sat in the front seat on car rides, got first pick when there were special foods, placed grocery items in the cart, decided which cereal we would take home, and was designated “gopher of the week”. They loved it. Everyone got a turn every three weeks. However, to this day I love grocery shopping. There are always new things to discover. It gives me the opportunity to select something new we’ve never tried before and I can then be creative in what I cook. When my three children were little, we always went grocery shopping together. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was teaching them good shopping and eating habits. They are all adults today with children of their own. Children learn from their parents, both good and bad. Way back when, grocery stores did not give out free cookies. My grocery list included fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs, cereal, rye and whole grain bread, chicken and fish. My children shop that way today. My son was pleased to let me know recently that so many people he knows don’t know how to cook rice. He said I gave all three of them the proportions of rice to water and he uses it today. And even though my grandchildren are vegetable lovers, they enjoy mac and cheese, corn dogs, french fries in the air fryer, gummy worms and all the rest of it once in a while. As the old saying goes, everything in moderation.

  5. C Canada

    In the words of my pediatrician leave them at home with their other parent.
    Failing that, do not go down the cookie aisle, bipass processed treats. They will be much healthier. That lifted half the pressure for me trying to teach them nutrition which started early. Also, we picked out seeds to grow our own food together. One toddler wanted to grow pickles, so cute! He still loves cucumbers and since he’s an adult he knows the difference. He doesn’t like processed sugar foods. He likes home made once in a while.

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