How to Host an Easy Holiday Brunch

Whether you pull off parties with ease or find yourself more frenzied than festive, we’re partnering with Cuisinart to get you all the help you need to pull off a stress-free holiday gathering this year!

This post is brought to you in partnership with Cuisinart.

Ready or not, the holiday entertaining season is upon us!

Whether you’re a natural and pull off parties with ease or find yourself pacing and making numerous to-do lists, we’ve got all the help you need to pull off a stress-free and festive brunch this year!

First thing’s first: you’re going to need coffee. If you’ve got a pesky aunt, challenging in-laws or a house full of kids, you’re going to need a lot of coffee.

Enter the Cuisinart Coffee Center, a true brunch savior: you can make a big 12-cup pot to get everyone going, but you can also take advantage of the single-brew function to fuel yourself as you prep in the morning.

A Simple Brunch Spread

Now that everyone’s adequately caffeinated and milling about, what’s on tap for the food? This year we’re all about reheating make-ahead recipes that we tackled in advance; who wants to actually cook while trying to chat with family and friends?

Looking for inspiration? Here’s a few of our favorite make-ahead brunch recipes:

Keep the Kids Occupied

While all of the adults are sitting down with a slice of quiche and a cup of coffee, we’re big fans of corralling the kids. Setting up a separate area for them with easy cold cuts and fruit helps keep them busy for at least a little while – the most anyone can ask for, really.

Post-Brunch Hangs

After brunch, guests will typically cozy up and linger, and this is a great time to offer a little pick-me-up with an individually brewed cup of coffee. Whether your guests are feeling like a light roast or cup of decaf, you can accommodate everyone easily with the touch of a button! And of course, The Coffee Center isn’t a bad gift to give (and to get) — so if treating yourself or a good friend is in the cards this year, this is a fine place to land.