No ImageHow to Quickly Soften Cream Cheese for Cheesecake

  1. Lynda M Anderson

    Since I plan in advance, (check cabinets and refrigerator for necessary ingredients, (& I never seem to have unsalted butter on hand…) I take all of my cold ingredients, i.e. … butter, eggs, sour cream and such, out of the fridge and place them on the counter in the baking dish, the night before. They are always ready and at room temperature!


  2. Tam

    Take the cream cheese slice in 1/2 lengthwise. Arrange on a plate in a circle, microwave for 1/2 minute and check every 1/2 minute.

  3. violet

    i unwrap my cream cheese and place it in a bowl and place a place on top to seal the bowl, it usually softens quick but i also now use the aldi brand cream cheese which is a lot nicer to eat as well as easier to cook with than phily

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  4. Norman

    I’ve always microwaved. I’ve done so at least 20 times and never melted anything. It works great and is super easy and fast.

  5. Kay

    I place my cream cheese, still unwrapped, in another clear plastic storage bag, usually one that has a zip lock, in a bowl of very warm water. No leaks and warms up quickly. Butter softens quickly at about 10 to 15 sec. in the microwave full power.

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