Ingredient Guides

What are the best apples for baking? What oil should I use for cooking? What is aquafaba and how do I use it? Our Ingredient Guides reveal all.
Endives on Their Roots
What Is Endive?
Potatoes with sprouts
Is It Safe To Eat Sprouted Potatoes? Here’s What the Experts Say
Bunch of Dill on the Counter
What Is Dill?
Chives on a Counter
What Are Chives?
Bowl of Dry Marjoram Next to Sprigs of Fresh Marjoram
What Is Marjoram?
Egg cartons at the grocery store
7 Egg Labels You Should Stop Paying Extra Money For
Unbaked salmon on a foil lined baking sheet to make Garlic Butter Baked Salmon.
Why Is Some Salmon Darker Than Other Salmon?
Parsley in a Vase of Water
What Is Parsley?
Spoonful of Worcestershire Sauce Lifted from a Jar Sitting on a Decorative Wooden Board Covered in Garlic Cloves and Cloves
Worcestershire Sauce
What Are Chicories?
Three Bowls with Different Types of Couscous (Labeled), Two of the Bowls Are on a Circular Tray and Surrounded by a Teal Kitchen Linen
What Is Couscous?
Prawns and Shrimp on Textured Parchment Paper
Prawns Vs. Shrimp
Surprising ingredients not vegan
Surprise! 11 Ingredients That Are Not Actually Vegan
Best vegan products
The Best Vegan Products You Can Buy, According to Pros
Nutritional yeast
This Is the Best Vegan Pantry Staple, Even for Non-Vegans
Stock Poured from the Measuring Cup into a Pan on the Stove
Substitutes for White Wine in Cooking
Pomegranate Molasses Drizzled from a Spoon to a Small Bowl with More Pomegranate Molasses
What Is Pomegranate Molasses?
Halved Avocados on a Counter with One Whole Avocado in the Middle
How to Ripen Avocados
Small Bowl of Capers on a Wooden Board
What Are Capers?
Basil on the Counter
What Is Basil?
Cloves on a Wooden Tray
What Are Cloves?
Ginger Garlic Paste in a Bowl Surrounded by Pieces of Garlic and Ginger
Ginger Garlic Paste
Decaffeinated Coffee (Three Bags) and Some in a Small Bowl
Decaffeinated Coffee: Everything You Wanted to Know
Box of Baking Soda and a Measuring Spoon Full of Baking Soda
Does Baking Soda Go Bad?
A scoop of gochujang in classic red tub
What is Gochujang?
Chinese Five Spice on a Spoon with Some Overflowing onto a Plate
What Is Chinese Five Spice?
Variety of Tempeh on a Cutting Board
What Is Tempeh?
A jar of sweet paprika
What Is Sweet Paprika?
Piles of rice varieties on a wood chopping board
Types of Rice
Chopped lemons on a cutting board.
The Best Cream of Tartar Substitutes
Chocolate Pavlova
What is Cream of Tartar?
Scallions chopped at a diagonal for an easy homemade kimchi recipe.
Scallions Vs. Green Onions
Bottle of tophe rice bran oil
What Is Rice Bran Oil?
Garlic powder on a blue plate
What Is Garlic Powder?
Dukkah spice blend
What Is Dukkah?
Ground and seed cumin
Know Your Spices: Cumin
Stalk of lemongrass
Know Your Herbs: Lemongrass
Bottle of Watkins Almond Extract
What Is Almond Extract?
 bottle of mccormick's peppermint extract
What Is Peppermint Extract?
Fresh, dried, and powdered galangal spice on a blue plate
What Is Galangal?
Bowl of brussels sprouts
What Are Brussels Sprouts?
Varieties of colorful winter squash
Types of Winter Squash
A collection of bouillon cubes, powder, and concentrates
What Is Bouillon? (And Why Better Than Bouillon Is, Well, Better!)
Wooden bowl filled with red orange cayenne pepper
All About Cayenne Pepper
White bowl full of celery seed spice next to black spoon
Celery Seed: What It Is, How to Use, and Substitutes
Yam vs sweet potato
Now You Know: Yam vs Sweet Potato
Sweet potatoes in a pile
How to Cook and Store Sweet Potatoes
An orange bowl will quince fruit
What Is Quince?
Annatto seeds and ground
What Is Annatto?
Bottle of 365 organic sunflower seed oil
What Is Sunflower Oil?
Bottle of Crisco canola oil
What is Canola Oil?
Crisco refined peanut oil
Peanut Oil: Smoke Point, Varieties, and More
Piles of different kinds of sugar
Types of Sugar for Baking and Cooking
A bunch of colorful bowls with flour in them
Types of Flour To Know for Baking
A white bowl of fresh cranberries set on a teal linen.
A Guide to Cranberries, The Tart Fruit
Pile of ground nutmeg next to three whole nutmegs
What Is Nutmeg?
Ground ginger on a pink plate
Know Your Spices: Ground Ginger
Fresh thyme herb on marble
Know Your Herbs: Thyme
Whole sage on a wood cutting board
Know Your Herbs: Sage
Bowls of flour baking soda salt self-rising flour recipe
How to Make Self-Rising Flour