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  1. Vandana

    It is the most common dish among kashmiris. You simply cut it into thin slices after removing peel, cook it (along with leaves ) with little of oil, asafoetida and salt. Cherish it with rice. Yummy.

  2. Susan

    I grow my own Kohlrabi and love to give to friends who have never seen it before.
    It tastes great anyway you prepare it. Tonight I sautéed some home grown scallions in olive oil, added precooked chicken breast , sliced kohlrabi, salt and pepper and a generous squeeze of lemon off my tree. Delicious!!

  3. DEE

    Do you think Alfredo Sauce would work with cooked Kohlrabi???

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  4. Karen

    I add it (cubed) to all my soups including Chicken Chili. It remains crisp and crunchy so it adds a really nice texture. Love, love, love Kohlrabi.

  5. Pat

    Can you cook the leaves and the roots together like you would turnips .

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