Meal Plan for November Week 2

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Here's our meal plan for November Week 2! Pumpkin Chili, Shepherd's Pie, Chicken Milanese, and more. Plus lots of tips of helping the week go smoothly.

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Another week has snuck up on us! Can you believe we’re so close to the New Year? I, for one, have had one of the most eventful years in recent memory. With my husband coming off the heels of yet another military deployment (the second in three years), I can honestly say I’m ready for a bit of zen.

Single-parenting and being responsible for keeping us all fed and happy is no joke. One needs a reprieve from the daily demands life puts on us.

This is why I’m such a proponent of meal planning. As the wife of a soldier in the U.S. Army, a homeschool mom of twin tweenagers (hello, Drama, how I’ve missed you), and a full-time blogger and small-business owner, nothing calms my nerves like knowing my meals for the week are planned and shopped for — and sometimes even prepped and ready to go!

Here’s what my crew will be enjoying this week!

Meal Plan for November Week 2

1 Pressure Cooker Butternut Squash Soup: Since Mondays are what they are (agony), I need something quick and painless. Our twin’s troop meetings fall on Monday, so a labor-intensive meal is a no-go. This soup makes busy days bearable because I can make it in the Instant Pot. While it cooks, I make some toasted naan to serve alongside for a well-rounded, meatless meal.

If I have extra time before the soup is ready, I also chop up any of the veggies (like the onions and carrots) for upcoming meals to alleviate any time-crunches that tend to arise during the week.


Chicken Milanese

2 Chicken Milanese: I’ve usually gotten into more of a flow by Tuesday, so I feel up for preparing a meal that takes a bit more effort. The cool thing about this Chicken Milanese is how quickly and easily it comes together, but still impresses my family. I love the use of Panko crumbs to give the chicken a lighter, crispier crunch. This meal always pairs well with a fresh garden salad and a side of Easy Buttered Noodles.

When I make anything with chicken breast, I’m careful to scan the weekly menu to see where else I can use it. Today, I’ll cook two extra breasts for my Friday meal!


Pumpkin Chili

3 Pumpkin Chili: With the change in the weather, I’m loving the thought of adding more soups and stews to our menus. Since we’re in the thick of pumpkin season, this hearty Pumpkin Chili is so meaty that it feels like a full meal. For a hungry soldier and ravenous children, this recipe and a double-batch of Yankee Cornbread (I’m a Yankee, after all!) are the perfect combo for our hump-day meal.


Shepherd's Pie

4 Easy Shepherd’s Pie: Casseroles, when done well, are a godsend. Being able to combine ingredients to create a balanced meal in one dish is the work of a genius, I tell ya’! I’ll use the onions and carrots that I chopped up earlier in the week to make this Easy Shepherd’s Pie — a meal in a pan. I’ll add any leftover cornbread from yesterday to this meal.


Grilled Chicken Nachos in Foil with Sour Cream BBQ Sauce

5 Grilled Chicken Nachos: We’ve survived another week! I’m celebrating by renting some movies and making a quick meal using the chicken breast I cooked earlier this week. These Grilled Chicken Nachos means fewer dishes and less time in the kitchen. If I can swing it, I’ll also make a batch of No Churn Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream for sundaes later on!

What’s your take on casseroles? Yea or nay?


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Marta Rivera is trained chef with over 20 years in the culinary field and the blogger behind Sense & Edibility. She graduated from the Baltimore International Culinary College with degrees in Culinary Arts and Classical Pastries. Her cookbook is Taste and See Cooks.

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  1. Mary Newland

    Mine is a general comment. I “simply” adore your site/blog!! I check it regularly and have tried many of your recipes. My husband is diabetic (type 2 and not due to obesity..inherited) and I have had to create healthy low starch meals for him. We both LOVE to cook and eat so I had to be rather creative. Your recipes are a great help when I’m at a loss on my own and I merely switch out certain ingredients to make it a bit closer to our needs. Thanks again. I’m a fan!! ;-) ps Congratulations on an amazing and successful undertaking!!

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  2. JP

    These weekly meal plans really, really help. Having it in my inbox on Saturday makes getting the shopping list put together for Sunday shopping a breeze. Thank you!

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  3. Elisabeth Siek

    Marta, your contributions are making Simply Recipes even more terrific! Thank you for your well thought-out menus and delicious recipes. What a gift from you- I will not have to dream up next week’s menu!

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  4. Sharon

    Thank you for putting in an Electric pressure cooker recipe. I am so infatuated with this appliance and many others are also

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Meal Plan for November Week 2