No ImageMeal Plan for October Week 3 {2017}

  1. Ether

    Wow so yummy. I love this do not have to serve for recipes, it’s all there
    and so yummy. Esther from Quebec City canada

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  2. Janell

    This is making dinner planning so much easier. Thank you.

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  3. Julie

    Love these suggestions! Especially the Friday one with the “hot toddy” suggestion — so imagine my disappointment when the link took me to the broccolini recipe! lol! So what about the hot toddy?

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  4. Chris

    Liking this idea, but would it possibly make sense to post these a little earlier? Sunday around noon (if my feed reader is correct) is a little late for getting some shopping done over the weekend, especially when the first item in the list is supposed to be dinner on Sunday. I’d like nothing more than to log on here and grab the meal plan and get to work, but the timing is a little off.

    Of course, there’s nothing stopping me from using last week’s for this week, this week’s for next, and so on…possibly that’s how it was intended to be used?

    Anyway, just a thought!

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