No ImageMeal Plan for October Week 4 {2017}

  1. dale goodloe

    I am single and love to cook. I get sooooo frustrated b/c recipes are always for 6-8 people. Much easier to double a recipe than to try and decrease it to fit 1-2.

    Also, very few recipes that take into consideration there are 10’s of 1000’s of people who are lactose intolerant. Would be appreciated if a cheese alternative were given. There are many.

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  2. Karen Meade

    It took a heart attack for my husband to go on a low-sodium diet. He’s doing well but the way I cook has changed radically. When a recipe calls for salt, I use No Salt or Lite Salt. Pre-cooked pizza, ribs, burgers or tacos are a thing of the past. One favorite I haven’t been able to make is ranch dressing. Without giving away the secret recipe, is there a low-sodium version of this popular dressing?

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  3. Deanna McGregor

    Thanks so much for these! They are great! One request – can you provide some advice on each meal on whether you could double up and freeze? I am a 57 year old busy professional who is raising her 3 year old granddaughter. There is never time enough so I try to double recipes and freeze for those many days when I only have time to heat and serve! Thanks again!

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  4. Sue O’Brien

    Is there any place on this site to look up Nutrition Info such as Calories, Proteins, Carbs?

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  5. Karen

    i’d love to see more vegan recipes. Thanks so much from those of us who are vegan!

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