Nadiya Hussain Shares Advice for the New Bakers on “The Great British Baking Show”

“Enjoy every second of it. Once it’s over, it’s over!” Viewers, she's talking to us too.

Great British Baking Show

Simply Recipes / photo courtesy of Netflix

It’s finally here! For those living stateside, “The Great British Baking Show” (known in the U.K. as “The Great British Bake Off” or GBBO) is back for another season today, September 16. For me, this means gathering with my GBBO-watching entourage—my three sons—and readying ourselves to whole-heartedly fall in love with the 12 new bakers as they compete for the title of the U.K.’s best amateur baker and most-delightful reality show contestant. 

We aren’t the only ones rooting for them. Someone quite familiar with the Union Jack bunting-draped tent, where the contestants compete, shared words of encouragement for the new bakers: Nadiya Hussain, winner of season six (on Netflix as Collection 3). She has a new cookbook coming out on October 11 called “Nadiya’s Everyday Baking” and we’re already fans.

When asked about her number one tip for the new bakers entering the tent this season, Nadiya says, “Enjoy every second of it. Once it’s over, it’s over!” There's a hint of wistfulness in her advice—not at all surprising since what GBBO lacks is scathing judges and dramatic contestants it makes up in earnestness, charm, and real baking talent. It's a wholesome, joyful experience for contestants and viewers alike.

What Nadiya misses most about being in the tent? “I really miss practicing the bakes in between filming the challenges. I used to really enjoy practicing!” She's referring to practicing the layered cakes, Swiss rolls, and showstopper bakes that ultimately crowned her winner. For the new bakers entering the tent this season—and for the real-world amateur bakers like us—Nadiya proves that practice makes perfect.

We leave you with some useful words too—literally a list of GBBO lingo to guide you along each episode. "Bake" is a noun (and still a verb), like in “Get your bakes in the oven!” or “What a lovely bake!” If the judges call any of the bakes stodgy, slack, soggy-bottomed—the worst-case scenario—the baker will likely going home. Scrummy, scrumptious, lovely, an even bake, or a Hollywood handshake means the baker's likely Star Baker. Hundreds and thousands are sprinkles, biscuits are cookies, scones are biscuits, sponges are cakes, sultanas are raisins, custards are puddings, and puddings (or puds) are desserts. Like Nadiya said, enjoy every second of this season. Once it’s over, it’s over!