One Simply Terrific Thing: OXO's Metal Bench Scraper

A must-have kitchen tool.

OXO metal bench scraper

Irvin Lin

I’ve talked about my love for the flexible dough scraper, but OXO’s stiff metal bench scraper ($9.99 from Amazon) has a permanent place in my kitchen drawer as well! 

The metal bench scraper is a large metal sheet with a sharp edge and a grip at one end. I use the OXO’s metal bench scraper because the large bulbous grip feels comfortable in my hand and the metal edge has measurements on it, which allows me to more accurately cut dough. 

The grip is also rubberized, so if my hands get greasy from working with butter (like in pie dough, biscuits, or scones) I’m not struggling with a slippery handle!

Here’s why I love it.

  • Lift: A metal bench scraper functions like a large spatula to help lift sticky biscuit or pie dough off the countertop.
  • Divide: The sharp edge enables you to slice and divide dough cleanly, like you’d need for scone dough. 
  • Smooth: If I’m assembling a tall, layered cake, I use my metal bench scraper to smooth out frosting on the sides.
  • Clean: You can even clean surfaces by using it to scrape up hard and dried bits!

But my favorite time to use Oxo’s metal bench scraper is when I’m baking bread. It practically becomes an extension of my hand, allowing me to lift and manipulate the dough without worrying about it sticking to my hands and fingers. 

It’s truly one of those ideal kitchen utensils that you don’t realize you need until you own one.